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How to permanently delete a Tinder account

Do you want to forget about Tinder forever? The actions that are carried out on the Internet usually leave a mark, so it is possible that at some point some of your data appears in the so-called “digital garbage”, which is part of all those actions that were once common on the Internet. but now they can bother you.

It is possible that your passage through various platforms and social networks, as well as your profile photos, circulate for much longer than you can expect, so that at some point the need will arise to eliminate them to prevent any personal data from being recorded in the social networks.

If you have decided to stop using Tinder and want to delete your account, below we will explain the steps to remove your footprint in this application to flirt.

Delete Tinder Account from Android/iOS

Do you want to disappear from Tinder and delete your account? it’s easy and fast! remember that you will not only have to uninstall the application, you will also have to delete your link with Facebook (if you have one) and the registration of the account in the Tinder database. Here are the steps to permanently delete your account:

  1. Download and install the application if you have uninstalled it or do not have it (skip this step if you still have the app):
  2. Opens the application.
  3. Go to «Setting» on the left side of the app (has a user icon).
  4. Press «Settings» (gear icon, on your profile picture).
  5. Go to the bottom of the page (as low as possible).
  6. Click on the button “Delete account”.
  7. Tinder will ask you if you want «pause my account» (no one will be able to see you or know that you have Tinder) or if you want to delete it permanently, press the gray option «Delete my account» (right below the button, apparently Tinder wants you to pause your account and not delete it).
  8. Congratulations! you just deleted yourself from Tinder and your profile was just destroyed.
Did you use Facebook to register your account?: if this is your case, in addition to deleting your account, you must remove the link between Facebook and Tinder, this must be done by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Facebook account
  2. Press the right arrow to display the menu.
  3. Click on the option «Setting«, located at the end of the menu.
  4. look in the left menu the option “Apps and websites» (located in the last block of options). Press that option.
  5. Look on the screen for the service «Tinder«, mark/select it and press the blue button «Remove«, then confirms the action.
  6. Now yes, Tinder has completely disappeared! There will be practically no traces of your passage through this service to meet people.

You must provide a reason why you want to delete your profile, this being an essential step. There are exactly 4 options from which you have to choose the reason: I don’t like Tinder, I need to start over, I need a break from Tinder or you just found a partner.

Delete Tinder Account from Mobile/PC Web Browser

Delete your Tinder account from any browser, it is a simple process that you can carry out from the configuration area in your own Tinder account. Here are the steps to unsubscribe from the service and delete your account:

  1. Go to the official Tinder website
  2. Log in in your account using Facebook or by entering your phone number to receive the access code.
  3. Click on your photo or «My profile«, it will take you to the configuration section.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the «Delete account» (you will lose your profile, messages, photos and matches forever). Confirm the deletion.
  5. Clever! you just permanently deleted your Tinder account.

Remember that this process has no turning back, you must register a new Tinder account to use the dating service again.

Delete Tinder Account from Windows/MacOS

Despite the fact that it is an application designed to be used on smartphones, both iOS and Android, there is the option of using the platform from a MacOS or Windows computer. In order to delete the account from the computer, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Download and install BlueStacks for PC (If you already have the emulator installed, skip this step).
  2. Opens the BlueStacks program.
  3. Locate the Tinder icon that you opened through the BlueStacks emulator
  4. Login by entering your access credentials (we recommend the method of receiving a code by SMS with your mobile phone).
  5. Go to the area of ​​”Settings«.
  6. Press the button “Delete account«.
  7. Tinder will display a notice if you want to pause or delete the account, press the gray link «Delete my account» just below the button.
  8. Clever! your Tinder account has been successfully deleted.

There is no option to reverse the process once confirmed. All data referring to contacts or users with whom you exchanged messages will be deleted.

It is common for the vast majority of users who use this platform to stop doing so when they get make a match on Tinder and finally find a partner, because the notices would be uncomfortable. It is an alternative that you should know in order to maintain your privacy after using this platform.