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How to permanently delete a Linkedin account

One of the most famous social networks to find employment is LinkedInwhich can give you many joys or headaches.

with his offer in employment and trainingit is certainly difficult to get rid of it but, if you have a duplicate account or for any reason you are interested in maintaining anonymity and wish to erase your data completely of this website, the best thing you can do is continue reading this article to get it in a few minutes.

Permanently delete my Linkedin account

By deleting your account you will lose all your contacts, as well as the premium pass in case you bought it.

  1. Enter to this link to go directly to the page Linkedin official deletion.
  2. Sign in to LinkedIn with your data or directly with Gmail/Facebook in case you have them linked.
  3. You may get a window check that you are not a bot. just follow the instructions and it will let you into the account.
  4. Select the reason for deletion, explain your reasons and press “Following”.
  5. They will tell you now what you will lose by delete your profile. Confirm that it is you, enter your password and click on “Close account”.
  6. will take 20 days to delete it definitively. You can interrupt the process at any time before that period.

Delete LinkedIn account from Android/iOS

Apart from deleting the app from your smartphone or iPhone, if you want no data to remain, you will also have to delete the account:


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  1. Enter the app and click on «Me” in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on «Settings and privacy«.
  3. now go to Account management > Close account.
  4. Choose the reason for deletion and click on «Following«.
  5. Confirm by typing your password and hit «Close account«.
  6. After 20 days your LinkedIn account will be completely removed.

Can I delete my Linkedin account if I have lost my password?

In case you do not remember your password, it is possible to enter your account with this very simple method:

  1. Above you will see an option that says “Have you forgotten your password?” Click on it.
  2. Put an email that you have associated with your linkedin account and click on “Reset password”.
  3. You will receive a link to change your password in said email. Click on it.
  4. Now it will let you edit your password and put a new one. Once this is done, proceed with the steps above to delete your linkedin account.


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