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How to delete a Hotmail / Outlook email account

Outlook is a Windows product that serves as an email provider, among other things, by integrating Hotmail or MSN Hotmail with other email services. microsoft What OneDrive. However, it is possible remove Microsoft Outlook account while still enjoying the other benefits.

Once you have already decided anddelete your email accountit does not require many steps and it is finished quickly, in addition, they will give you a choice between 30 or 60 days to cancel the operation and reactivate the email account again to log in again. Whom Accounts & Sessions you will find everything related to the deletion of your Hotmail / Outlook accountas well as the advantages and disadvantages of having said service.

Delete Outlook / Hotmail account

to start delete your Outlook/Hotmail account You will need a web browser (it can be from a PC or a mobile device) with an Internet connection. Of course, it is essential that you remember your email address and your password to log in and that Microsoft can unsubscribe you. Here are the steps to delete your Outlook account:

  1. Accede to has a special section for delete Outlook or Hotmail accounts.
  2. Login with your access data, it can be email, phone number or Skype and then enter your password.
  3. read Yours sincerely the alert message from Microsoft «Make sure that [email protected] is ready to close» with the legal texts and the implication of deleting the email account, among which the following stand out:
    • Cancel current subscriptions
    • Cancel any current company or organization services and delete directories from Azure Active Directory.
    • Delete maintenance logs
    • You will lose the remaining balances or in favor of your account (gift cards or others), you can check in the link if you have a credit in favor.
    • The skype credit that you have in the account will also disappear (you could enter Skype, you can check in the link if you have credit in favor.
    • Automatic replies will be activated, that is, you will continue to receive emails during the 60-day period before your account is permanently deleted. If someone writes to you, you will receive a message letting you know that your account will be closed shortly.

    If you really want to continue to finish the erase, press the blue button «Following«.

    delete outlook account screen
    Delete Outlook account screen
  4. Select all the boxes and indicate why you want to delete your email account, in this step, you will be informed of the services involved to which you will lose access. Please read carefully before proceeding.
  5. If you agree, press the blue button «Mark account for closure«.
    delete outlook account screen
    Delete Outlook account screen
  6. A message will appear with the date your account will be permanently deleted. Press the blue button «Clever«.
    delete outlook account screen
    Delete Outlook account screen
  7. You have just successfully requested deletion! From now on, you just have to wait until your account is automatically deleted.

After a period of 60 days the account will be deleted. You can always cancel the deletion procedure during that period, information that we will explain below. Attention, sorry?! Remember that you can always return to log in and enter mail with the same access data defined when creating your email account, doing this will automatically cancel the account deletion process.

Cancel the deletion process of the Outlook or Hotmail account

If the aforementioned 60-day period has not yet passed, you can reverse the process of deleting your account from Outlook/Hotmail and retrieve it just by logging in. Next, we explain the steps to recover the account:

  1. Accede to and log in to your Outlook/Hotmail account.
  2. Enter your usual access datathat is, your email or phone number or Skype username and password.
  3. An alert will appear asking you «Reopen the account?«, you will see the scheduled final deletion date and it will ask «What do you want to do?«, press the blue button «Reopen account” to start account recovery.
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen
  4. Verify your identity by sending an email to your secondary email address or through an SMS message to the phone number registered in your account. Choose a verification method to identify yourself and press »Send code«.
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen
  5. open your inbox of the secondary email address or your mobile to read the SMS messageread the numeric code and enter it in the form to verify your identity.
  6. Clever! a warning will appearYour account is open again“, confirming that your account is no longer marked for closure.
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen
    Cancel delete Outlook account screen

When you enter your Outlook you will find everything as you had left it and you will be able to continue working normally, you can even start the account deletion process again later if you want.

Reasons to delete an Outlook or Hotmail account

Not many people decide to delete their email account, since being free, it usually falls into oblivion. However, lack of use, privacy concerns, and other concerns are reasons enough to delete a Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook account. Here are the main reasons/opinions that users express to Microsoft when starting the deletion process:

  • multiple email accounts: In case of having several accounts, it is possible to get confused regularly when trying to access or use certain services, something that is solved by closing the unused accounts and keeping a main account.
  • I use an account on another service and I don’t use this one: Many people use services like gmail either Yahoo! Mail/Yahoo Mail!therefore, is a common reason for deletion.
  • hacked or hacked account: when you delete it, the hacker will not be able to access your data.
  • I no longer need an Outlook account: when you have another email account with your own domain or with other services.
  • Confusion with access to Skype: Many users still use the “username” to access Skype, but having been merged, new Skype accounts are created only from an Outlook/Hotmail email account, allowing more than 200 million users , which Skype initially had, continue to sign in with their “username”, creating confusion for someone else to contact them.

Even if your reason is not among these, if you finally decide to delete it, remember that you can go back to Outlook to create a hotmail email easily.