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How to permanently delete a Meetic account

meetic is a contact website specialized in find a partner onlinein which it is easy to register through the browser or from the app to Android or iOS. Problems appear when we want unsubscribe from Meeticbut so that you can do it in a simple way and without surprises, we have prepared this wonderful guide for you. delete your profile on Meetic.

Permanently delete my Meetic account

  • The first thing you should do is go to the Right upper corner and press on your profile picture.

  • On the left, click on «suspend my profile» and just to the right you will see that it says small Click here

  • Enter your email and password and click on «Confirm«

  • Another window appears to give you a choice if you want to hide your profile instead of deleting it. You will not appear in searches, but you will still be in their database. Since it is not what we are looking for, click again on “delete my profile”.

  • And to finish, click on “Confirm”, it does not have much loss, but just in case, we have put it in an image.
  • ready, you meetic’s profile will be completely deleted in 24 hoursbeing able to re-register if it is the case with the same email.
  • As confirmation you will receive a meetic’s email saying that you account has been deleted.

Can I delete my Meetic account if I have lost my password?

For cases of account theft or simply not being able to enter due to forgetting the password, there is a way to delete your Meetic account permanently:

  • After trying to log in, click on “Have you forgotten your password?”.

  • put the e-mail associated with you meetic’s profilewhere you will receive the instructions to change your password.

How to cancel your Meetic pass

Before deleting your profile, it doesn’t hurt to make sure to cancel all possible future payments because, in case you didn’t know, Meetic passes or subscriptions I know automatically renewbeing able to charge you if you do not take a good look at the conditions.

  • go to My account/My passbut this time click on “Manage your Meetic pass” and begins the process of cancellation of the subscription to Meetic.

If this little guide does not work for you, you can always contact Meetic so that they can help you delete your account without problems. And remember that you can manage any function related to your profile entering your Meetic account. This will allow you to suspend it for a while without removing it permanently, maybe in the future you will want to use it again!