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How to permanently delete an Amazon account

amazon is one of the leading internet sales companies, offering multiple products and fast delivery service. Of course, it also has its black spots and you may decide not to continue being a customer of this company. In this article where we will teach you how to delete your amazon account.

Before you start, keep in mind that if you have a active subscriptiona pending purchase or, ultimately, some fee still to be collectedthey will not let you deactivate your account, so you will have to first unsubscribe from any of the mentioned services (also account for Amazon-Prime).

Permanently delete my Amazon account

  • Since you’re inside, go to the orders tab and see if you have any pending, for the aforementioned, if you can cancel itand if not, you will have to wait to proceed to the next step.

  • go to following link for delete your amazon account. They will tell you all the products related to the account you want to close, among others:
    • amazon
    • Amazon Web Service
    • Amazon Seller Central
    • Amazon Gift Cards
    • Amazon Photos
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Amazon Music
    • Audible
    • amazon-kindle
    • Kindle Direct Publishing
    • Amazon Author Central
    • amazon-appstore
    • Amazon-Alexa

  • Scroll down everything until you see the same as in the capture that we provide you.
  • Choose a reason, check the box just below it and click on «Close my account«.
  • You will receive an email or SMS confirmation what should you respond within 5 daysOtherwise, the request will be cancelled.

Can I delete my Amazon account if I have lost my password?

If you have lost your access to amazonthe easiest way to delete your account is reset your password:

  • At login, click on “Need help?” and then in “have you forgotten your password?«

  • will ask you phone number or emailor if you cannot access them, they will send you to customer service, if you click below.

  • In case you do have mail, this window will appear after clicking “Continue”.

  • Choose according to your needs, in any case they will send you a code to your mobile/mail.

  • Enter it on the next screen and they will let you in amazon or create a new key, as needed.
  • To continue, you just need to follow the steps above and you will achieve delete your amazon account.

On the other hand, you may just want cancel your Amazon Prime subscription servicein that case you must follow the steps that we indicate to continue enjoying the advantages of Amazon without having to pay the subscription.

And remember that if you have any problems with your account, you can always contact amazon by phone To answer any questions, it’s free!