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How to permanently delete a Facebook account

The largest social network on the planet, with million people registered Currently, it continues to grow exponentially since it was created in 2004, in such a way that it has been buying other companies to offer even more services, such as WhatsApp Messenger, Instagram, Oculus, FriendFeedamong the best known, fame that is not problem freesecrets and dirty laundry, since several times they have been summoned to court for the misuse of their users’ personal data.

That kind of thing leads to many users deciding to disable their accounts or remove yourself from Facebook permanently. In any case, in Accounts & Sessions We will explain step by step the process and all the options available in this social network.

Permanently delete Facebook account

The process of deleting your Facebook account is extremely simple, although it is not completely visible. We detail how to do it below.

Note: By permanently deleting your Facebook data, all photos, posts and videos they cannot be recoveredas well as the other applications -or accesses- linked to Facebook, if you log in only with your username. Your name will disappear from your friends’ private messages, although their content will still be available. You always can download a copy of all your dataor temporarily deactivate your account

You have two options to delete your account; ok follow this link or follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your Facebook profile and in the upper right corner, click on the arrow.
    Facebook account delete screen.
  2. go to “Setting«.
  3. Press, on the left, «Your Facebook information«.
    delete facebook account screen
    Facebook account delete screen
  4. Click on «Delete your account and information«.
    delete facebook account screen
    Facebook account delete screen
  5. An options box will appear, choose «Delete account» to delete it permanently, or you can also deactivate it and continue using only Messenger, that is up to you.
    delete facebook account screen
    Facebook account delete screen.
  6. Confirm by entering your password and click on «Continue» and again on «Delete account» to confirm, remember, there will be no turning back!

Note that you will have up to 90 days before Facebook delete your account completely, so with only login to facebook you will stop the whole process.

Delete a Facebook account from mobile

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, the process is quite similar:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or iPhone.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner.
  3. go to Settings and Privacy > Settings
  4. Then follow this path Account > Profile access and control > Deactivation and deletion
  5. Finish by pressing «Delete account» and confirm in «Continue«.
  6. These steps are the same to delete Facebook in its PC version.

Reasons to leave the Facebook social network

Do you already know the reasons why you want delete or deactivate Facebook? It never hurts to consider the following points:

  • you don’t focus: With so many notifications, messages and always looking to see what’s new, it’s impossible for you to focus on everything else you have to do and that’s important.
  • It is considered addictive: Being so attentive there are studies that say that an emotional dependency is created by feeling gratification, so if you spend many hours a day on Facebook, you should consider it as a problem. The infinite timeline does not help, on the contrary, it generates more addiction.
  • The content is useless: Perhaps you are tired of reading posts on Facebook that do not contribute anything to you and waste your time. You can always control what you see, or almost, since the algorithm of the web decides what is best for you.
  • many unknown people: You end up with a list of friends who aren’t really friends, so deleting your account may be the quickest step.
  • I don’t use it: In this case, it is obvious that it is not worth having it there, also receiving notifications in your email or phone.
  • More than one profile: You may have created it for example for a game and you do not want to continue receiving notifications.
  • social bubbles: many platforms and sites like Facebook,Google or others, they only show us content that we like, managing to interfere with our thinking and creating opinion bubbles/barriers that only deepen our perspectives further.

It is clear that not everything is going to be pretty, although it is true that Facebook It can be useful if you know how to use it correctly, connecting you with people that you would otherwise never be able to, or promoting your business through the platform. If you are not convinced, you have the option of temporarily deactivate your Facebook accountbeing able to retrieve it later if you feel like it.

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