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How to delete a Google account permanently

It is undeniable that currently Google has become indispensable for many people; from those who use their mobile services in the Play Store to the more adventurous with Google Maps or those who seek entertainment with YouTube. In any case, this does not mean that there are no people dissatisfied with their services and want delete your Google account, Or maybe because they don’t want to continue using that associated email or they have different accounts and prefer to have everything more organized.

Unlike other websites, Google facilitates the delete your account safely and easilyY in just a few minuteswith the option to save all your information to a file before delete your account permanently. Attention! perhaps you should consider if you want to unlink your device from a Google account, it is not necessary to delete it. Here are the steps to permanently delete your Google account.

Save data before deleting your Google account

A preliminary step before delete your google account is to secure all data from that account (and linked services), as you may want to keep some of it. Accede to and see among all the applications you have used, which ones you are interested in saving or downloading a copy of said data.

Now that you more or less know the details of your account that you want to save, follow the steps below to download this information:

  1. Accede to for download personal information of your account.
  2. Indicate which applications/services Are you interested in doing the backupremember that you can select several at once, like YouTube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Calendarcontacts, etc

  1. Press «Next step«.
  2. Choose what kind of format you want to download all the information. It will give you several options:
    1. Export Type: In a single time or in several, being able to leave a date and time indicated to continue the download.
    2. Type of file: Enter .zip or .tgz as the compression system (it will help you download the file faster).
    3. file size: Allows you to divide the files into several parts, ideal if your connection is unstable or slow or if the file is very large (something common in older accounts).
  3. Press «create file«.
  4. You’ll see the “file progress» While the backup is created, you should wait a few minutes (the time will depend on the amount of data).
  5. When the backup is finished, Google will send an email. The file will be available for download through that link for 7 days.

Anyway, even though your information is already safe, you haven’t deleted your account yet, so if you want to know how to do it, keep reading the next step.

Delete a Google account forever

If you are already determined to permanently delete your google account With all that it entails, follow these steps:

  1. Accede to
  2. Direct your view to the “Delete your Google account” area and press “Delete your account“.
    delete google account screen
    delete google account screen
  3. Enter the account password To eliminate.
  4. Click on the two boxes that will appear below and press the “Delete account“ to permanently delete the account and associated data.
    delete google account screen
    delete google account screen
  5. Account deleted! the process should have finished successfully.

At the end you will have completely deleted your account and you will not be able to undo this action. Use this resource carefully.

Selectively delete Google services

For those who just want remove a particular service from Google without totally deleting your account, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter the account password to validate your identity.
  3. Press the trash can icon to delete the service you want that is not associated with your account.
    delete google account screen
    delete google account screen
  4. The process for removing certain services may be different from case to case. Follow the instructions for removal.

Once you finish the whole process, you will have unlinked some Google services while preserving the integrity of your account and the remaining services.

Remove or unlink a Google account from a mobile

When you use a mobile phone or tablet, either iOS or Android, your account is linked to them so that you can use all the applications without having to log in each time. If you want to remove them from your mobile, you do not need to delete your account, you just have to unlink the account from the device. Depending on the manufacturer, the instructions may vary, but in general the steps would be as follows:

  • Unlink a Google account on iOS: Enter the “Settings” tab and follow the path “Passwords and accounts” > “Gmail/Google” > “Delete account”.
  • Unlink a Google account on Android: In the menu, go to “Settings” and then “Cloud and accounts” > “Accounts” > “Google” > “Delete account”.

In case you get confused or want to go back to link your google account, you can do it later on that same device, recovering all the information that you had saved in that place. Remember that Google accounts have the advantage of sync our data.

Information that will be destroyed when deleting your Google account

For your peace of mind, we are going to detail what you will lose if you decide delete your google account, which is normally the data that is saved/associated with your account. If you decide to proceed to permanent deletion of your Google accountwill be deleted:

  • All your data related to Google servicesbe it Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Play, all Chrome browsing data, etc.
  • If you have registered with a gmail email, you will lose access to said account and it will be blocked so that no one can use it in the future. Likewise, the emails and services linked to said account will also be inaccessible.
  • Youtube it will delete all your history, videos and others from its database by being precisely connected to your Google account.
  • The contacts you have saveds will also be deleted from, luckily you can make sure you don’t lose them with a backup.
  • Progress in games from the Play Store will also be deleted, as well as the access of any Android application. in case you think another google accountyou add it to the Play Store, and then you delete the previous one.
  • As your account does not exist, you will not be able to synchronize anything between different devices.

Keep in mind that Google offers many services associated with an account, so what we have shown you are only the most important, remember before proceeding to delete your account, since later you will not be able to stop the process.

Reasons to permanently delete a Google account

You have already seen the utilities that Google brings, but if you are still undecided, we are going to list some reasons why it is better to delete your Google account permanently:

  • You don’t use Google services: If you only use the search engine and little else, it may not be worth having a Google account.
  • Too many messages in your email: You may find it easier to delete your email account to get rid of all that SPAM.
  • multiple google accounts: For whatever reason, you have seen the need to create two or more accounts, and now you prefer to have only one again.
  • privacy issues: Google was able to access a lot of your data, so it wouldn’t be strange if you decided to erase all your traces.
  • You prefer to switch to another company that offers similar services.

Now that you have seen our entire guide to permanently delete your Google account, we are sure that you will be able to achieve your goal. Keep in mind that if you regret it, you can always easily create a new account again 😉