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how to download messenger lite

FacebookMessenger It is one of the most popular messaging applications, capable of competing even with big ones like WhatsApp, however, it is not suitable for many old terminals, so we are going to show you how to download messenger litewhich needs much less resources to be able to work and still enjoy all the advantages of the main app.

Features of Messenger Lite

Despite using a different name, in terms of its features you will not notice anything compared to the regular version, including:

  • occupies only 10MB and requires very little RAM resources. Which implies that it works perfectly on low-end mobiles.
  • You can access the chat of your Facebook account without the need to enter the web, finding all your contacts easily.
  • The status of your contacts They are displayed in a simple way, being able to access your chats with just one click.
  • Allows you to send photos, videos, sticks, emotes and more things you could normally do in Messenger traditional.
  • Make callsalways depending on how stable your connection is or that of the other person.
  • Battery saving not needing to load such heavy content.

Download Messenger Lite for PC

In case you don’t want to install it on your mobile or you can’t, there is a way, using an emulator;

  • download ok No x either Bluestacks and once you have them installed on your PC search MessengerLite.

  • Click on the App Center or in the search bar and type Messenger Lite.

  • Scroll down until you see a red title like in the image, and don’t click where it says AD.

  • Click on open with Play Store and in the new window that you will see, click on «Install” for download Messenger Lite and install it on your PC.
  • Once you finish you will see the icon MessengerLite in the emulator or on your desktop, just click on it to launch the app.

Download Messenger Lite on Android or iOS

Unfortunately, since 2020 this application no longer available for iOSsince Apple managers decided to remove it from its library because very few users used it.

If you have a android terminalyou can still use it normally by going to the official link below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

  • Once you have logged in to your Google account You will get a screen similar to the one above.
  • Click on «Install» to start the Messenger Lite download and installation on your smartphone.

  • Click on the new icon that you will see in the applications menu of your phone.

  • Since it’s your first time, you probably need login to facebookwith your usual username and password, or you can click on create facebook account to have a totally new.
  • Once inside, your messages and contacts will be synchronized, and the content will be totally identical to the PC version.

Differences between Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite

Although you won’t notice many changes when it comes to chatting with your contacts, the Lite version has some differences compared to the full version of the Messenger:

  • much lighter. As we have already mentioned, occupies only 55 MB.
  • Fewer options in chat. Both the emojis and the games you will find are limited or simply non-existent.
  • Some sections of Facebook will not let you enter from the Lite version, such as for read private messages.
  • You may not be able to report contacts/posts from MessengerLite. If that leaves, instead, block contacts.
  • Video calls cannot be made, although it does allow recording/listening to audio.