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How to activate dark mode in Hotmail /

Being able to work without eyestrain is a must for many Microsoft users, so it’s no wonder they’ve brought out the ability to activate a dark mode in Outlook for users who make intensive use of said application. It does not come by default so you will have to follow a few simple steps that we will tell you shortly to configure it in your Outlook.

Activate dark mode on PC

Put the dark mode in outlook It is very simple and to achieve it, you will need the access data to said email account:

  1. Go into and look for the gear icon on the right side.
  2. Once inside the tab Settinglook below as in the image and click on «dark mode«.
  3. The bar will change from white to blue totally changing the design of the inbox, enjoy!
  4. Additional Note: If you want put back to default modeyou just have to click on the same bar again.

Activate dark mode on mobile

For this step you will need to have the app installed on your mobile, either on Android or iOS:

developer: unknown
Price: Free

‎Microsoft Outlook
‎Microsoft Outlook
  1. When you already have it in your terminal, sign in to Outlook and go to the inbox.
  2. click on Setting in the lower right corner and then go to Appearance > Dark mode.
  3. Choose “dark mode» to confirm and activate it on your device.

How to make your Outlook signatures visible in dark mode

If your recipient uses this mode, it is possible that the signatures that accompany the email will not be seen correctly, to avoid it:

  • use any background that is not white. Since seeing it in dark mode will look weird.
  • The same happens with the images, better try to see how do you look in both backgrounds when adding them to your emails.

Benefits of changing the theme

There is no doubt that after a long period of looking at the screen, our eyes end up tired. Therefore, we are going to see what are the advantages of using this mode in Outlook:

  • Battery saving. By producing darker colors, our computer doesn’t need as much power to display bright images. This happens especially in OLED screens since they have an LED for each pixel, consuming too much at times.
  • Reduction of visual fatigue. Especially at night, when there is hardly any light, in bed before going to bed, if we use white lights our sight becomes overexcited, waking us up and causing vision problems, in addition to dazzling us if we were asleep.
  • more aesthetic. You will see your Outlook inbox in a different way and it will be much more comfortable to navigate through your hundreds of emails.

Disadvantages of dark mode

Among the main ones we find the following:

  • Difficulty reading texts in bright light. That is, for the night it could be ideal but during the day our eyes are not used to these colors.
  • could cause depression. Dull colors tend to be associated with colder periods, without light, so our brain will associate this with a sad period.