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celebrity instagram

The celebrity instagram accounts They attract a growing number of followers. Being such a visual and close social network, it allows fans of certain celebrities to interact and comment on the images. That is why Instagram has become one of the favorite social networks to keep track of the most popular celebrities of the moment. But what are currently the most popular Instagram accounts?

Instagram of Eugenia Martinez de Irujo

Eugenia Martinez de Irujo She is one of the most famous and active aristocrats on social networks. The youngest daughter of the well-known Duchess of Alba is very active on Instagram, where she shares the most varied moments, from her best outfits to images of idyllic vacations or her pets.

Paula Echevarria’s Instagram

Paula Echevarria She is one of the celebrities with the highest number of followers on Instagram. This social network is the window that she uses to share her passion for fashion with her fans, although she also shares more intimate moments of her personal life with family scenes or images of the shoots in which she participates.

Tamara Gorro’s Instagram

Tamara Beanie rose to fame for her controversial appearance on the dating show Mujeres y Hombres y Viceversa. Since then, she has been sharing her day-to-day with her followers and even some of her family moments. Although far from getting away from her criticism, some of her photographs continue to generate a lot of debate among her fans.

Nuria Roca’s Instagram

Nuria Roca is another of the celebrities who, in addition to actively sharing all kinds of photographs of their day to day, especially related to the world of fashion, interacts with their followers not without generating some controversy on some occasions.

Verdeliss’s Instagram

Verdeliss has been gaining prominence on Instagram thanks to the publications related to the day to day of his large family. 7 children, videos and many anecdotes that have managed to conquer thousands of her followers around the world.

Cristina Pedroche’s Instagram

Cristina Pedroche He is one of the most followed television personalities on Instagram. Fun and spontaneous, she shares many photos of her trips and her best looks. However, she is also a target of criticism in each of her posts.

Aitana’s Instagram

Aitana is one of the latest Instagram revelations. The winner of OT 2017 has not stopped adding followers to her account where she shares numerous photos of her vacations, her events and her daily outfits

Balamoda’s Instagram

Balamoda It started out as a fashion blog created by blogger Belén Canalejo and has ended up becoming one of the Instagram accounts with the most fans. In it you can discover tips on fashion, beauty and even healthy cooking recipes.

Pilar Rubio’s Instagram

pillar blonde She is one of the best known celebrities in the world of television. In her account, she reveals her tastes in both fashion and music, she shares some of the moments of her professional life and also reveals other more familiar aspects.

Miriam Saavedra’s Instagram

Miriam Saavedra began to gain popularity in Spain after his appearance in different television reality shows. His television appearances are always involved in controversy, which has earned him numerous followers. In her account, she shares moments of her day-to-day life, videos and photos of style and fashion.

Alba Carrillo’s Instagram

Alba Carrillo She is another well-known celebrity in the world of the heart and one of the most famous that generates the most controversy both in her television interventions and in the scandals about her private life. In her Instagram account you can see her best moments in different television reality shows and the most acclaimed photos of her outfits.

Laura Escanes Instagram

the young influencer Laura Escanes He has managed to turn part of his life into a showcase open to all the followers who participate in his Instagram account. In it, she shares beauty and fashion tips and even moments from her newly released family life.

David Bustamante’s Instagram

David Bustamante He became a great idol after passing through one of the first editions of the music program Operación Triunfo. His musical and personal career have gone hand in hand and this is shown in each of the publications on his Instagram account.

Tania Llasera’s Instagram

Tania Llasera She has gone from being a television phenomenon to one of the most followed Instagrammers on the social network. In it, she shares her day-to-day life as her mother, her advice and some personal testimonies that continue to cause all kinds of reactions among her followers.

Dulceida’s Instagram

Dulceida He is one of the instagramers that causes the most fury among his followers. In his account, he offers everything from fashion and beauty advice to more personal moments. She has become one of the influencers of the moment, proof of this is that each of his publications generates thousands of reactions.

Sergio Ramos’ Instagram

Sergio Ramos He is one of the most controversial Spanish soccer players on social networks, especially on Instagram. In his account, he shares images of his work and other more familiar aspects that generate all kinds of comments. The captain of Real Madrid always surprises with the image of him.

Georgina Rodriguez’s Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez She began to become famous after beginning her relationship with the well-known soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. From there, her popularity has grown like wildfire and her followers await each of her publications, some of which exceed a million reactions.

Instagram of Malena Costa

Malena Costa He has managed to perfectly combine his professional facet as a model and influencer and his more familiar facet. She has taken advantage of her Instagram account to share all these moments with her thousands of followers, although some of her photographs have not been exempt from controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram

Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the international soccer players with the highest number of followers on his Instagram account. Any aspect of his life is followed and commented on by his followers with whom he shares his appearances as a model, his professional facet and also other images related to his family.

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

kim kardashian he has managed to generate an entire business empire from his image. This phenomenon has extended to his appearance on social networks where his publications are always highly anticipated. In them you can get to know their professional and familiar aspect and even get to know some of their star products.

Instagram of Ana de Armas

Anne of Arms is a Cuban-Spanish actress whose jump to Hollywood has earned her to become known in the world of cinema. Her appearances generate more and more expectation and proof of this is that her Instagram account continues to increase in terms of the number of her followers.

David de Maria’s Instagram

David of Mary He is one of the best-known singers on the Spanish music scene. His long career has earned him a large number of faithful followers who do not miss a single one of his posts on Instagram. It is here that he shares his latest professional projects and other aspects of his private life.

Sara Carbonero’s Instagram

Sarah Carbonero He began his career in the world of television as a sports journalist. Image of various fashion and cosmetics firms, he dedicates a large part of his publications to reflect family and personal moments.

Instagram It continues to be one of the best windows for discovering everyday and personal aspects thanks to the publication of images and videos, which are the central part of this social network. If you don’t want to miss anything about the celebrities you admire the most, Instagram is the best way to interact and learn about unknown aspects of their lives.