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Featured fan on Facebook: what it means and how to be one with a badge

Facebook It has rewarded both content creators and their followers with maximum loyalty recognition; the call “Featured Fan Badge» is a merit awarded to users of the platform, who stand out from the crowd when interacting, but what exactly is this badge? Today you will discover the meaning and the safest way to obtain one within the platform.

Discover the meaning of the top fan badge on Facebook

Basically, a Facebook featured fan badge is a recognition that is automatically granted by the platform to those followers of a Facebook page who stand out for maintaining constant interaction with the posts on that specific page. Said recognition offers specific benefits to the users who obtain it and to the administrators of the page where they are awarded.

On the other hand, the title “featured fan” It can be seen next to the name of the user who has reached it; making your comment take center stage in the posts, so that other users and administrators can easily observe them. However, no user is obliged to show off this title, since it is an individual decision whether or not to accept the badge to be displayed to the world.

How to get a top fan badge on Facebook?

As mentioned above, the safest way to earn this badge is to frequently interact with the Page; It is important that you are present in everything that the page shares on its wall. It’s also essential to stand out so Facebook or admins can give you a Page badge.

It is important to highlight that the page can only offer these badges if it has more than 10,000 followers; in addition to being more than a month old. On the other hand, if you are interested in getting this prize, you must follow the steps below:

  • Comment on page posts that you want to give you the badge; responses and ratings from other comments also count.
  • It is possible that a follower with more time admiring a page, get the badge more quickly.
  • Interact with the content through reactions.
  • Support the creators by sharing the content on your profile or in stories.
  • Visit the page profile regularly.
  • In case they upload videos, you need to view these.
  • If the page shares a text from another, click on “see more” to show interest in the information shared.

However How can this help me find a badge? If your username stands out naturally in a page’s news feed, admins will be able to see your continued support; this will encourage them to give you your badge without major problems. However, this title is renewed every week, so if you are not constant once you have managed to obtain it, it is very likely that you will lose recognition.

What happens when a user gets one of these badges?

What happens when a user earns a top fan badge

Clearly, one facebook featured fan badge it brings with it a series of benefits that you can enjoy when you get it; One of the main advantages is that you will be able to view the content of the page within minutes of being shared. Also, when making comments or responding to them, users who follow the page will be able to see the title of “featured fan” to the side of your profile name; this can help you get more reactions on your comments.

On the other hand, some content and page creators take into account the support of said users; granting them the chance to participate in exclusive events for top fans. Likewise, it also gives you prominence, since other users of the page will admire your opinion on the topic to be discussed within the community; administrators usually reward the perseverance of outstanding fans by posting thanks to them through the wall.

For Page admins, this type of badge is a reward in itself; since it is the fruit of the work executed within your page. Therefore, grant and display as the number of users with featured fan badges continues to grow, it means that his work and projection to the public is increasingly accepted and appreciated.