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15 best fashion blogs

The fashion blog They are some of the ones that usually have the most followers. Not only because they are up to date in terms of trends, but also because they are a source of inspiration for style lovers. Loaded with ideas and always up to date, the best fashion blogs of the moment have great influencers behind them with thousands of followers. Do you dare to discover them?

Blog The Blonde Salad, Chiara Ferragni

The Blonde Salad It began as a personal blog in which its author, one of the most prominent international influencers of the moment, chiara ferragini, shared some personal moments of his life. He later directed him towards a more professional theme, focusing on themes of Lifestyle and today it has managed to create an entire company led by its own brand with a built-in online store from where you can acquire exclusive designs from numerous fashion brands.

Blog Lovely Pepa, Alexandra Pereira

lovely pepa is today one of the blogs with the largest number of followers in all of Spain. It began as a small space in which its creator, alexandra pereira, shared her passion for fashion, looks and advice with her followers. 10 years after her launch, she has become a style benchmark in which, in addition to taking a tour of her travels, Alexandra shares the latest trends and collaborations with prestigious fashion firms.

Vintage Collage Blog, Sara Escudero

vintage-collage is a very personal fashion blog in which its creator, Sara Escudero, shares her outfits with her thousands of followers. Her style is oriented to a casual and fun fashion, something that she also transmits with her photographs. In addition, it offers other sections in which she shows collaborations, ideas to combine clothes, trips, etc.

Blog Amlul, Gala Gonzalez

Amlul is a fashion blog and also a clothing firm of its own. Its creator, Gala González, has managed to carve out a niche for herself among the most outstanding fashion influencers of the moment. On her blog, she shares different moments of her day-to-day life, events, looks and, of course, access to her store where you can find the designer’s first collection.

Blog Sincerely Jules, Julie Sariñana

Sincerely Jules is one of the best and most successful international fashion blogs. Behind this project is Julie Sariñana, a Mexican influencer with a peculiar style, who manages to create unique looks from basic pieces. A true queen of street style that will tell you all the secrets to always be up to date.

Blog My Peeptoes, Paula Ordovas

My Peeptoes is a fashion space created by Paula Ordovás. In it, in addition to finding all kinds of ideas to wear at different times, it includes a Lifestyle category where you can find everything from ideas for healthy eating, to inspiration for decorating with style and even a space dedicated to pets.

Dulceida’s Blog, Aida Domenech

Dulceida is the pseudonym of Aida Domenech, one of the best-known fashion influencers of the moment and with this name he has baptized the blog that he manages with a growing number of followers. In it you can find clippings of publications in which the influencer appears, videos and even an art section with illustrations made by her followers.

Marta Carriedo’s Blog

Martha Carriedo has managed to create a very personal space through her fashion blog. She has created her own online store called It Girl Marta Shop and on her website you can find recommendations, trends, a report about her travels and even a space dedicated to men’s fashion.

Blog Song of Style, Aimee Song

Song of Style It is the blog of the influencer Aimee Song, who has managed, with his characteristic style, to gather an authentic legion of followers. In addition to being a blogger, she is an interior decorator, she has her own store and even shares beauty secrets with all her followers.

Blog Tuula Vintage, Jessica Stein

vintage tuula is the fashion blog in front of which is Jessica Stein. This blog is characterized by being very visual since its creator has been able to perfectly combine her advice and style ideas with exciting trips around the world. It is ideal to enjoy spectacular landscapes and be inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Blog Mariannan, Marianna Mäkelä

marianan is a blog run by Marianna Makela who proposes through his articles a multitude of ideas not only of fashion but of decoration, beauty and even gastronomy. A blog full of ideas of all kinds, where you will be up to date with all the lifestyle trends.

Blog Style Scrapbook, Andy Torres

Style Scrapbook is a blog with a very personal style created by the Mexican fashion blogger Andy Torres. On his website, designed in a very original way, you will find a multitude of ideas related to the world of fashion as well as musical inspiration, tips for sports, food, even DIY themes. Complete and very dynamic.

Blog Gary Pepper Girl, Nicole Warne

Gary Pepper Girl It is another of the essential platforms for fashion lovers. nicole warner is in charge of this minimalist design blog in which the author expresses her thoughts, offers fashion and beauty tipsshow your outfits or delight your followers with the fabulous images of your travels around the world. It also has a store where you can buy some of the garments inspired by its recommendations.

Blog A trendy life, Rebeca Labara

A trendy life is a space created by Rebecca Labara, a very versatile blogger who has managed to create a company based on her passion for fashion and her training in image consulting and event organization. On her blog you will find a whole collection of outfits, beauty tips, and even a more personal corner based on reflections for everyday life.

Blog Lady Addict, Silvia Zamora

Lady Addict is the fashion blog created by Silvia Zamora, one of the most influential bloggers in Spain. On her blog, she combines classic styles with basic garments, but also offers decorating tips, tours of numerous cities around the world, and very useful beauty tips.

Fashion blogs will help you stay up to date on the latest trends, you will learn to combine clothes and find your own style.