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How to make received emails arrive in a specific folder in Hotmail (

The optimal email management is a must, especially if you are a person who deals with many matters related to family, social, student life, and mainly work, either for a company or business, or as an independent professional. But did you know that Outlook offers you the opportunity to classify your emails? Find out how filter and move received emails automatically to a specific folder in Hotmail/Outlookorganization is essential!

Redirect an email to a specific Hotmail / Outlook folder

  1. Log in in your Outlook account at
  2. Go to your Inbox.
  3. Search the email of the person you want classify in a folder: colleague, from the university, from the children’s school, etc.
  4. Position yourself on the email address and do right click with the mouse.
  5. When you do this, you will see a drop down list where it shows you the option for “Create Rules
  6. By selecting this option, you will be able to choose a folderif you have any created.
  7. If you go to create a new folderclick on the arrow and you will see another list displayed.
  8. Select the option “new folder
  9. Enter the name of the folder you want to create: Family, Friends, School, Work, University, Gym, etc.
  10. When finished, click on “To accept” and everything will be perfectly configured!

Henceforth, when you receive a new email from that particular person, it will be moved to the folder you have assigned in when creating the rule, leaving your Inbox folder available for new unclassified email addresses that shouldn’t clutter it.

Remember that in the left panel of the view, in addition to folders for Mail, you can also create folders for Calendar, contacts either Chores.

Create specific folder in Hotmail/Outlook


Here are some topics to classify emails optimallywhether you receive emails from the university, family, friends, associates, colleagues, etc.

  • By theme, by project
  • Have a file for each person in shared mailboxes.
  • You can also create folders to organize calendars, contacts and tasks.

In fact, you need to create automatic mail classification rules directly into a folder to make this folder organization process work properly for a cleaner, more streamlined view of your inbox.

In case your inbox is overwhelmed, We recommend you create the folders in your Hotmail / Outlook email first, to take advantage of creating the rules for each one of them and then, you assign this folder to the corresponding email addresses.

You can choose two methods to create these folders:

  1. Log in in Outlook
  2. Go to your Inbox
  3. Locate yourself in the left part of the menu where it appears: Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items…
  4. Scroll down until you find the option “new folder
  5. By choosing it you can give it the name you want. Try to make it a practical and easily identifiable name, such as suppliers, work, university, family, etc.
  6. press Enter and you will see the created folder.
  7. Final tip: to delete a folder created by mistake, just right click with your mouse and choose the option “Delete folder”

Benefits of creating specific folders and rules in Outlook

The creating organized folders for mail emails in Hotmail / Outlook can be a very useful practice for several reasons.

In addition to helping you find emails more easily, they also save you time and keep you calm in a situation where you need to find an emergency email. These are all reasons.

  • You can easily access a specific mail with a single click
  • You will save a lot of time and reading emails will be more efficient
  • You will help unclog Outlook inbox
  • And finally why order the emails by topic it becomes a simple operation.

Because a tool we know well is a tool we use better, follow our tips on create specific folders in Hotmail/Outlook and you will be incredibly effective!