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How OneDrive Works – Complete Guide

OneDrive is a cloud storage software developed by Microsoft, which allows, among other things, that you can access your entire hard drive regardless of the device you use. Of course not with only that will be enough for you to know how OneDrive worksbut we will try to explain it to you in this guide so that you can get the most out of it.

Services included in OneDrive

As we have already mentioned, in addition to the file storageOneDrive allows us to do the following:

  • We have 15GB freeexpandable if we buy any of the available payment options.
  • We will can open any office package file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) without the need to have the programs installed.
  • Synchronize all our files in the cloud so that we can access them regardless of the equipment that we have added to our OneDrive account.
  • It allows create regular backups of our files, being able access previous versions in case something is modified and we are interested in going back to the previous saving point.
  • If we work with several people and share folders and/or files, it allows us to see the changes that they make livealerting our OneDrive account when a file is changed.

How OneDrive works

  1. Getting started with OneDrive is easy, if you have Windows you probably you already have it installed by default.
  2. To start it click on the shortcut on the desktop, type onedrive in the search bar in W10 or look in the tab that we show you the cloud icon.
  3. The first time you launch it, it will ask you to enter your Microsoft login details. Click on Next to enter your account.
  4. you should see in the Windows Explorer a new icon like this with the folders that you upload to the cloud, You can drag files to any of them to upload them to OneDrive.
  5. Remember that you can choose which files to save on the hard drive, and which in the cloud. For it right click on the folder or file of OneDrive and choose Always keep it on this deviceor so that you always have a backup of these files, or click on free up space to delete them.
  6. How to use OneDrive Online
  7. As all the content is stored in a cloud on the network, it is possible to access it as long as we have Internet:
  8. Visit and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  9. You can create more folders or files by clicking on «new» and add more files by clicking on «carry«. It should be noted that you will not need to have the Office program installed on that PC if you open it from the OneDrive cloud.
  10. Everything you upload will be synced with your PC as soon as you turn it on and OneDrive start downloading all the content.
  11. When you press the upper left corner, a window will open and you can use Office 365 online, Outlook, Skypee and other applications associated with Microsoft.