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TIPS to attract followers to your Instagram

Instagram it’s not just one social network to share your favorite photos, but it can be a great tool to publicize your business or your personal brand, and for this you will need to understand how to attract followers to your instagram.

The more people who follow you and know you, the easier it will be to achieve your goals, but to achieve it, you will need get organic or real followers on instagrambecause these are the ones that last over time, and the ones that can become customers in case of offering a product/service.

If you want to learn all the tricks to become popular on instagram In a short time, we recommend that you follow each of the tips that we will tell you below.

What do you need an Instagram page for?

Ask yourself this question before you start preparing anything, since your objectives and the way in which you will need to guide your work will depend on this. instagram profileFor example, your goals could be:

  • Get visits to your website (therefore you will focus more on sharing content related to it and that generates visitors).
  • Empower your brand image (offering quality content).
  • Get more sales of a specific product/service (providing samples of your products/services).
  • expand your community (interacting with your followers).

For each case, you will need to target your profile one way or another, so think it through.

create a good profile

The first thing someone sees when they enter your instagram page it is the profile, with which, the more you work on it and the more personalized it is, the more you will connect with your followers and you will have the chance that they will follow you. Let’s see a few guidelines for improve your instagram profile:

  • Biography: In it you can take the opportunity to tell a little about yourself and your project, allows up to 150 characters.
  • Username: It is what allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest. Take the opportunity to put one that describes you but is easy to remember.
  • Contact information: Here it already depends on your needs. If you have a company, you should put the official number/email so they can contact you. It’s important to keep a public profile on Instagramso they can see that your account is real.
  • Web page: Of course, you can include a link to your personal page and use Instagram as a source of constant traffic.
  • Name: It might seem silly to you, but once you get followers on Instagram you want to differentiate yourself from other fake accounts. Supports up to 30 characters.
  • profile picture: Almost the most important. If possible, that don’t be blurry and if necessary, edit it with some filters to adapt it to your brand image.

know your audience

you are sharing instagram content for people to see it, therefore, you must identify the type of person you want to attract. Young people, adults? It is clear that it will change the way you express yourself or the type of post you want to add.

This is important as it will help you connect with them and they will identify your mark as trustedand you will end up getting followers.

Once your account grows, it is best to study with tools such as reports+, followers either Ins Masterto monitor who follows you on Instagram, in addition to being able to see the visits received in providing the likes you receive.

Improve your biography

We have already started which is an important part of your instagram profileand you can even find ways to give it custom touches changing the letter of your bio on Instagram. Use it wisely and be consistent with the style of your profile but above all…don’t forget to be your [email¬†protected]!

Create Stories that attract

Not many people use this resource, but it is a tool that Instagram itself gives you and that allows you to interact with your audience. Let’s see a couple of tips to improve your stories:

  • Create related content. Using the hashtags, you can combine several stories on Instagram so that your followers visit it one by one, as if it were the chapters of a biro.
  • Take advantage of the comments / content of your followers. Whether they are good or bad, especially if you have a store, you can take advantage of your customers’ reviews to post stories and, in the process, advertise yourself.
  • Create games/contests. You can guess, anything you can think of related to your Instagram Don’t forget to mention the winners!
  • Show your followers moments of your day to day. In this way, it will be much more personal and you will get them to trust you.

Remember the nametags

These useful QR codes can be scanned by any visitor. Take the opportunity to send it through other social networks since just by passing their smartphone they can find your Instagram profile and join.

Use hashtags correctly

Just like on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram hashtags allow you to position your posts more easily. The keys are:

  • Choose hashtags that are trending. You can do this with tools like RiteTag.
  • Don’t go overboard with the amount. And it is that if you put many it could be considered spam. An average of 3 is pretty good.
  • Beware of spammy hashtags. Such as #like4like or #tags4like etc. Luckily you can check iQhastags to track down and delete those that are not useful.
  • Choose custom hashtags. This way you will promote your brand more and you will differentiate yourself from the rest.
  • Don’t forget to include them in your Stories. As we have already mentioned above, this will help you get organic followers on your instagram.

take care of your content

It seems obvious, but all the previous work is useless if you don’t you upload quality stuff to Instagramthat keep your audience entertained and excited:

  • Think about what they search for when they enter your Instagram and keep updating as you see how your traffic evolves.
  • use emoji to add an original touch to your publications, and by the way, let them know your emotions, humanize your content a little.
  • try interact with your followers. Whether it’s through polls, questions, or posts in general that make them want to comment.
  • put always the most important first. So your most worked posts will get all the traffic.
  • If you’re short on time, there are tools like hoot-suitewhich allow you to schedule posts several days in advance.

Sponsored contests

This is a way of attract followers to your Instagram using the popularity of others. You can try to contact instagramers who accept advertising and offer them remuneration in exchange for promoting you.

Ideally, the prizes they offer have to do with your brand, for example, a course related to what you offer on your Instagram.

Use the direct ones in your favor

It can be a bit challenging at first for fear of being wrong, but it is precisely what will make your followers on instagram They see you as a person and not as a robot that only publishes.

Take the opportunity to have live sessions to debate with them or allow them to ask you questions, and you can even ask them for advice!

never buy followers

This is perhaps the most important advice of all. You’ll probably find deals online that will get you them for as low as $5. What usually happens is that those followers are not realwhich implies that Instagram deduces that your traffic is artificial and end up penalizing your Instagram account. So it is better that you go little by little, but naturally.