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How to get Tinder gold for free

Tinder It is a well-known app to search for dates from your mobile, although it is not easy to obtain free tinder goldwe are going to explain some tricks so that you can try not to pay and contact your better half:

Free Tinder with iPhone

In this case, if we have any iOS device, we proceed like this:

  • We make the payment of Tinder Gold.
  • We waited 2 weeks and from iTunes we canceled the order.
  • To do this go to My account > Orders > Report a payment problem.
  • Follow this route; Tinder Gold > Select the problem > I want to cancel this order.
  • Press finish and they will refund the amount paid.

Tinder Gold at Plus price with Android

As a bonus, if you have a mobile Androidyou can get this app at a reduced price if you do the following:

  • Buy Tinder Plus from google play.
  • Go to your profile and fill in all the information it asks for, including the photo.
  • Just the day before the month ends, unsubscribe.
  • In this way you will not be charged for the days of Gold that you have already used.

Differences between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus

Now that you know how to get a free membership, it is worth remembering the advantages it offers you:

  • You can give unlimited likes (important to be able to talk to more people on Tinder).
  • 5 super likes a day (instead of one)
  • 1 boost a day (with 30 minutes in which your profile will be highlighted).
  • passport. With this option you can talk to people on Tinder from other countries.
  • know who likes you. This way it will be more for make a match on Tinder.
  • Like everyone recommended profiles.