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How to search for groups or channels on Telegram

Telegram is an essential tool if you want to keep in touch with your people, which is why it makes available to its users the so-called Telegram groups or channelswhich we will teach you to search so that you can easily find people who share your same concerns.

What are Telegram groups?

Unlike a private chat where you and the other person can talk, being able to invite others to the chat, in the groups several contacts are usually gathered, being able to see all the messages that the administrators send.

The particularity of these groups is that all users who join these groups can share videos, photos, chats and audiosalways moderated by the creators of the group, being possible to modify for example that only administrators can send messages at a certain time, change the profile picture or even the name of the group.

Difference between Telegram channel and group

Although sometimes they can be used indifferently, Telegram channels have very particular characteristics:

  • Channel followers can only join and view group messages.
  • It is the channel administrators who manage the messages that are sent.
  • Therefore, they are simply a means of communication for the followers of a brand or group, rather than a group chat.

How to search for Telegram groups or channels

For both cases, the way to find them is similar, assuming that you have not already been provided with a direct link:

  • Depending on whether you are in the mobile app or on the PC, you will have to click on the magnifying glass, or simply go to where it says «Search«.

  • When writing the group keyword or channel that we are interested in finding, Telegram It gives us several results.

  • Once you find the one you are looking for, simply click on it and then on «join the channel” either “join the group«.
  • differentiate between channels and groups is very simple, since the channels usually have, as in the screenshot above, a megaphone next to the channel name.
  • As soon as you click on this button, you can start writing and receive alerts from the group and/or channel.

How to find Telegram channel listings

  • Since it can be very tedious to search one by one, the simplest thing is to make a google searchfor example, when typing “pokemon go telegram channels”, results such as these appear:

  • Try to visit several websites to find different groups, and thus see the one that interests you the most, always looking for “groups + telegram + theme you are looking for”.