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Complete Airbnb Host Guide

airbnb It is a more than interesting option in case you need to get an extra by renting a flat or a house, but the process to get accepted is not easy, so we are going to try to detail how to register as airbnb host and leave your guests satisfied.

Requirements to be a host on Airbnb

Anyone can create an ad with their flat or apartment, but once you do, you will need to fulfill a minimum of things:

  • High score in reviews: This will also give you many more opportunities to rent more often, since guests tend to trust the reviews of others. Specifically it is said to be higher than 4.7 on average.
  • Do not cancel reservations: This is very important in Airbnb, since it is a headache for both the company and the travelers.
  • Accept reservations whenever possible: You can select the period of time in which the house will be available to save you problems.
  • Respond quickly to guests: Through the platform you will receive a message. The sooner you respond, the better chance of getting a sale. Try to be clear and concise in your answers, while being kind.
  • have a good budget to meet your expenses. Both taxes and maintenance, since in Airbnb the hosts guarantee that the apartment is clean for their guests before they arrive.

To be host of experiences the requirements are similar, although specifically they focus on:

  • Unique experiences and made by the host of the event.
  • Good description of your experience in whatever it is you want to teach. In case it is something very technical They will ask you to justify it through accreditation.
  • Cannot set a minimum of people for said experience (that is, if only one person goes, you should still accept it).
  • Amiability. The hosts of experiences must give a feeling of closeness.

How to upload your listing on Airbnb

  1. first go to this link
  2. Sign in to Airbnb and cover the data that they tell you, both the exact address and the name of the street (you will be asked for the number later).
  3. Also indicate what type of accommodation; if it is a private room, a shared room or the entire apartment, as well as the maximum number of guests you accept.
  4. It is important that you indicate the extras that the apartment has clicking on the + which, as you can see, will bring up more options, being able to specify the number of bathrooms, if you have a gym, a smoke detector, a swimming pool, etc. It is important that you only put what you really have so as not to mislead travelers.
  5. When you have everything, click on «start creating your ad«.
  6. This screen is important, because although you can skip it if you cover it, your contact data will be saved for later.
  7. In this step, indicate the number of the portal and the floor, although the latter is optional.
  8. Put the type of apartment again and indicate if the bathrooms are exclusively for guests, as well as if you are an individual or a company (this will not be seen by travelers).
  9. This section is used to indicate the beds and their distribution, it is important especially if you offer accommodation to families or groups. You can add beds in each room by clicking on “add beds” and it will give you a choice of the type of bed you use.
  10. Once you locate the apartment, it will tell you to choose the extras that guests will find and what they can use of everything you offer.
  11. It’s time to upload the photos. If you want to be a good airbnb host Ideally, they should be quality photos and all the rooms as well as the outside area can be seen well.
  12. You can establish the rules so that your guests know how they should behave, as well as indicate if there may be noise or common areas that are shared with other people.
  13. It is also important to set the arrival and departure time for these people, so that you can enter and leave everything clean and tidy.
  14. As you can see, it lets you choose the dates of arrival of travelers or put months in which you do not want to rent your apartment. Simply go by selecting the corresponding days or months.
  15. Once you choose the price, discounts and verify your identityit will let you publish your ad and you can start receiving reservations.
  16. If for some reason you need to disable it, go to this link (with your Airbnb session started) and click on the three dots and then on deactivate. Please note that if will totally erase and you will not be able to undo the action, so in case it comes to you wrong, you can always modify the entry dates in your apartment.