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How to easily tag people or pages on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent tool to be able to share information with other users and see what our friends have been doing in their lives. In this article we will show you in a clear and didactic way how to tag a person or page on facebookregardless of whether you are using a smartphone or the PC.

What is tagging on Facebook?

An important part of this information exchange process is the possibility of tag people of the social network or to a page in our publications. Although it is possible to add person or page tags on Facebook, there may be certain limitations what is necessary to know.

Tag from the computer

The tagging process may vary depending on the device used to perform the action. Nevertheless, tag a person or page on Facebook from a computer, it is just as simple as doing it through a smartphone. Next you will know the step by step of the labeling methods from the computer.

How to tag people and Pages in a comment or reply

Tagging a person in a Facebook response or comment is really easy. It will be enough to follow the steps of the image above or to carry out the procedure that we mention below:

  • Select the text section where you want to make the label; this can be a comment or a reply.
  • Next, type an “@” to then add the username or Facebook page you need to tag; such as @John.
  • After doing this, you will be able to view a contact panel with the names of the possible users you want to tag. You must select the desired contact or page. And ready!

How to Tag a Person or Page in a Post on Facebook

Tag people on Facebook

For tag a person or page on Facebook in one of your publications you could resort to the step by step mentioned above. However, with the following method you will be able to tag only your contacts added on Facebook.

  • Select the option “Tag a friend” which is illustrated as a blue icon with a contact animation.
  • this option will take you to your contact listwhere you must choose between the friends you want to tag in your publication.
  • Finish the process by sharing your post.

Tag a person or Page in a Facebook photo

There are two useful methods to tag a friend or Page in a Facebook photo; for this you will only have to guide you from our corresponding step by step.

In an unpublished photo

Tag people in a Facebook photo

For tag someone in a facebook photo that you have not yet published, but that you are about to publish, you will only have to do the following:

  • Select the section to publish Photo/Video found on your Facebook home page.
  • Choose the photothe video or the image where you want to tag the user.
  • Click on the label iconto conclude by searching and selecting the desired friends.
  • end the action clicking on “Done”.

In a photo posted on your wall

Tag friends in a posted photo

If your photograph or image has already been published and you still need to tag friends, don’t worry, with the following method you can achieve it.

  • Find the desired image.
  • Select the option illustrated by 3 ellipses.
  • Click on edit post.
  • Select the icon tag friend or you can also put an @ and the username.

Tag on Facebook from the smartphone

While the tagging process on desktop is similar to tagging through the Facebook app on a mobile device, the methods can vary significantly.

Tag a person or Page from the app in a comment, reply, or post

Tag friends from the smartphone

It is essential to place the at sign (@) at the beginning of the name of the page or person you want to label; as can be seen in the image above. To achieve this, just execute these steps:

  • Select the text section of your preference; this can be a comment, a reply, or a post description.
  • Place the at sign (@) after the name of the page or user.
  • In the box that will open, click on the user and corresponding page. And ready!

Tag a person in a photo posted on your profile

  • Select the photo from your profile gallery where you want to tag the user.
  • Click the Edit Post option.
  • Click on the Tag Friend icon.
  • Search and select the person what you want to tag. And ready!

Tag someone in a photo you haven’t posted yet

  • Select the image to post.
  • Click on the Tag Friends option.
  • search and choose to the people you need to tag.
  • Finish the process clicking Publish.