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LinkedIn Premium: Discover its advantages

LinkedIn offers many possibilities, both to find a job and promote your brand on social networks, but to give it the push you need you can try with LinkedIn Premiumwhich in case you have any doubts, we will break down all its advantages here.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

It is the paid version of the social network specialized in employment LinkedIn. Although you can continue to use the website as usual and sign in to LinkedIn without paying anything, there are certain features that will not be available until you activate the payment option, although you will still be able to opt for job offers as usual.

Types of LinkedIn Memberships

Within this membership we find three different types:

  • Premium Career: At a cost of almost €30 per monthserves to stand out among the rest of the candidates, giving priority in receiving your applications to employers.
  • Premium Business: Voucher €45 per month and it is designed for companies, so that they can contact more professionals and expand their network of contacts.
  • Sales Navigator: By €60 per month You can have a fully optimized account to launch a sales campaign for a product or service.
  • Recruiter Lite: With €90 per month It is the most expensive membership and it is used to find and hire employees for your business.
  • LinkedInLearning: This is online training by €30 per month (either €20 if you buy the whole year), focused on administrative tools, management and related to the knowledge that you have put in your resume.

Advantages of LinkedIn Premium

Whichever membership you choose, the truth is that you will have a number of benefits compared to a free account:

  • more searches: By purchasing any of the memberships you will be able to search for more job offers or candidates for your company without fear of having to wait the next day to continue.
  • Highlight your applications: You will appear first. This is especially good if your resume is interesting but there are a lot of applications.
  • Private messages to non-direct contacts: And it is that perhaps you do not know the director of that company that interests you so much, but thanks to this you will be able to talk to him/her and even offer yourself as a candidate or for some collaboration if you have similar companies.
  • You can see who has visited your profile. Not only that, but you will have very detailed statistics with the times that they have visited you.
  • Data and statistics: It will let you analyze the trends in hiring, hiring or dismissal in a specific company or changes in directives, so you know where to move.

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it?

After everything we have told you, it will depend on the use you are going to give your LinkedIn profile:

  • are you going to apply to A lot of Workposts and you are interested stand out among the candidates?
  • Do you want to have a greater control about who visits you and what are companies looking for?
  • Or maybe you just want to expand your network of contacts.

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might be interested in trying membership.