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Facebook Lite: what it is, how it works and how to download it on iOS/Android

Facebook It is one of the most used social networks globally, so it can be inferred that it also has a high number of registered users who use the platform on a daily basis. However, the application for smartphones can demand a lot of mobile resources, so the company has seen the need to launch a lighter version on the market that can be used by all users; this is known as Facebook Lite and today we will tell you all about it.

Find out what Facebook Lite is

Facebook Lite is an application for smartphones that can be downloaded to access the social network. However, it has notable differences visually with respect to the main app of the platform. Despite Facebook and Facebook Lite belong to the same companythe latter is designed for devices with limited power capabilities.

For this reason, if you use Facebook Lite you will realize that everything will load much faster, cache memory is almost never cleared, videos usually load in low quality depending on your connection (because it can even work with 2G networks) or other factors. In addition, multiple other settings can be made so that the app does not require so many resources from your smartphone.

It is a way of accessing the social network for those who do not have the latest generation smartphones, with advanced features or that for storage reasons cannot download the main Facebook app. Since, let’s remember that the latter has a weight of more than 600 MB, since it stores high amounts of data, while the “Lite” version will occupy less than 50 MB on your device.

How does Facebook Lite work?

If you have doubts about how the Lite version of Facebook works, we clarify that there is not much to say, since its operation is basically the same as that of the main app. The difference lies solely in the visual details, the programming code used (which will be more agile for your mobile to load) and the storage space it occupies on your smartphone.

However, a notable difference, and one that may be of great benefit to you, is that in Facebook Lite you won’t have to download Messenger messaging to be able to reply to messages. Since, here it is integrated and you can send and view the texts directly from there. This way you can save a lot of space, because this messaging app also takes up a lot of storage space on your smartphone.

It is worth noting that in facebook lite functions are simplified and animations are not as lively as those found in the full version of the app. For this reason, if you come from using the main version of Facebook, you may notice a “sudden” change in the aesthetics of the social network; as well as in the interactions and other similar aspects.

How to download Facebook Lite for iOS/Android?

You should know that download Facebook Lite it is not a complicated process to carry out; regardless of the software that your computer has. However, it is obvious that the steps to take to get the app will be different. Therefore, we will show you below so that you can access the application easily and quickly.


Download Facebook Lite on Android

Download Facebook Lite on Android It is quite easy, for this you will only have to carry out the steps that we mention below and clearly have a user in the social network. Without further ado, let’s move on to the guide:

  • First of all you must search and open the Play Store on your mobile or maybe you can also recognize it as: App Store.
  • Then you just have to go to the search bar and write the name of the app you want to download; which in this case would be Facebook Lite.
  • Following that, multiple options will be displayed and you will need to choose the one that says “Facebook Lite” or you can also give click here to access to her.
  • Finally, once you have found it you must give click where it says “Download” to install it on your device the Lite version of Facebook. And ready! Finally, just open it and enter your user data to enjoy the app.


Facebook Lite for iOS

Download Facebook Lite on iOS It is a process that will not take you more than 5 minutes, since the steps you must follow to obtain the app are less than 5. We will explain it to you below, just keep reading:

  • On your iPhone or iOS device you must search and open the App Store.
  • followed by it you must write Facebook Lite in the search bar and press search.
  • Select the option that matches with your search and press download.
  • Wait for it to install and then just enter your user data of Facebook to access the social network.