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Sign in and enter Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a Facebook instant message/chat and video call service, in which you can create groups of friends or send messages with GIFs, photos and videos in just a few seconds, in addition to offering a personalized experience, you can change the fonts or backgrounds! of a chat!, among other things. It also has a much lighter version, for devices that offer more limited performance: MessengerLite.

Sign in to Messenger
Press the button to enter and open the session in Messenger.

For log in and enter messenger there are several methods, from the online version to the application for mobile devices. For any of the login methods, you must enter your access data, such as the email address or phone number and the password. Still having trouble accessing? since Accounts & Sessions we will help you to login easily.

Sign in to Messenger from a web browser

Facebook, owner of Messenger, created a separate version of its instant messaging service, avoiding that you have to access directly from Facebook. Here are the steps to enter from a web browser:

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter your email address or phone number and then the password for your Facebook account (remember that Messenger is an extension of the service of Facebook).
  3. Press «Log in«.
  4. Clever! You will have successfully logged in.

You can click on “Do not sign out“ in case you want me to remember your access data and you do not have to write them every time you enter. Remember to do this only on trusted devices, otherwise anyone could access your chat messages.

Sign in to Messenger from Android / iOS

Messenger is such a relevant and useful service that it has native applications for Android or iOS mobile devices. This service is the best alternative to the old text messages (SMS). Here are the steps to log in from the official app:

  1. Download and install the Messenger app (if you already have it installed, you can skip this step):
  2. Open the app.
  3. If you have the Facebook session open, when you open the Messenger application the message «continue as«, if you choose it, you will be logged in automatically, otherwise, press the button below and log in without your Facebook account.
  4. When you choose to log in without Facebook, you will be asked for your email address. email or phone number and then the password (you can press the crossed-out eye icon to display the password when you type it).
  5. Press «Log in«.
  6. Clever! the session will have started successfully.

When you access Messenger you will see the list of friends and you will be able to chat with them, in addition to receiving notifications if they send you messages.

Problems signing in to Messenger?

If you are one of those who always saves your password and never writes it down to log in, you may have forgotten it, or you have simply lost your access data. To solve this try these solutions:

  • Have you forgotten your password: You may change your password by entering a valid email or phone number. You will receive a code from Facebook, by email or via SMS to the phone number, to start the verification process and reset the access password. Remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol for your new password, it will help protect your account.
  • You don’t remember the email or phone number: If you do not remember your email address or you cannot enter and the number is no longer operational, you can use the trusted contacts that you must leave written down previously
  • Changed login details due to hack: you can’t log in to your Messenger and you know that your data is the one you had entered? It seems that access to your account has been hacked or stolen. For these cases you have this link to put them on notice and try to recover your account.

For more specific cases that have not been mentioned, the simplest thing is that you speak directly with the messenger helpdesk accessing from here. The most common cases are easily resolved, but it is true that as it is a messaging service and contains very sensitive information, we must try to regain access to our account as quickly as possible!

Security tips for signing in to Messenger

Messenger contains personal or work information and conversations that only you and the participants should access. And for this to happen, you will have to worry about certain security aspects of your account. Here are some tips to help you keep your account secure and prevent potential theft or unwanted access:

  • Change your password periodically: We recommend changing your password every 60 days, this will make it more difficult for a hacker to infiltrate your account and access all your data. To change the password you must go to Facebook settings and in the security section you can modify it. Remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol to strengthen your password (and in case it’s hard to remember, you can always use login managers like last pass either 1Password).
  • Do not save the password on other devices: Doing so could make your account active and that person could access your conversations without your permission. Always sign out and never select “Stay signed in“ to avoid leaving it open. We recommend using incognito mode for added security.
  • Use an antivirus: new threats appear every day, it is important that at least once a day or a week you scan your device (mobile/PC/tablet) to prevent any malicious software from accessing sensitive data such as Messenger passwords or any other.

Messenger is a secure service that encrypts conversations and is also very concerned about the security of its users, but this does not mean that its users should not take certain precautions to have a more secure account. Remember that if you do not agree with its operation or want to take a break, we will teach you how to deactivate Messenger easily.