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Gmail: Sign in and get to mail

gmail has established itself as one of the world’s leading email providers. Millions of users use this platform and it is even common for other websites to allow Gmail to be used as a registration method.

Enter ≫ Sign in to Gmail

Sign in to Gmail

Press the button to enter and sign in to Gmail.

Gmail offers us many ways to access all its content; from the computer itself or other newer ones such as from smartphones, as well as log in to several devices at the same time or through multi-accounts, whatever the problem you may have in the way you use it We will help you solve it in CuentaySesiones,com

Note: To log in to Gmail you will need to create an account beforehand. If you don’t know how to do it, check our article how to create an account in gmail.

Sign in to Gmail from the browser

It is the most accessible way to access Gmail, and can be done from the browser of your mobile or PC. For this you will have to have both your registered email and your password.

  1. go to or alternatively you can go to and click on «Log in«.
    Gmail sign in screen
    Gmail login screen.
  2. Write your username and password in the corresponding boxes. This name is your email address, which would look like this: [email protected] Finish by clicking on “Following“.
    Gmail sign in screen
    Gmail login screen.

At this time you will already be in your personal Gmail account and you will be able to see all the emails you have received up to that moment.

By entering this email, you can access all Google servicessuch as Google Drive, Youtube, Maps, and others without the need to register again, which will save you a lot of time.

Sign in to more than one Gmail account

For these cases in which you have more than one Gmail account, you won’t have to worry about getting confused or entering the wrong email, since Google will make it quite easy for you when it comes to adding and managing as many accounts as you need.

  1. You must log in to your primary gmail email as we have told you before.
  2. Give your profile picture, top right and choose “Add Account“.
    Gmail sign in screen
    Gmail login screen.
  3. Log in with the data related to that account, just as you did with the first one, with the specific email and password.
    Gmail sign in screen
    Gmail login screen.
  4. With the two sessions started, to change account You just have to click on the profile picture.

Another way to achieve this is to go to the main page of Google and do the same thing that we just indicated.

Sign in to Google from Android / iOS

For both devices, both Android and iOS, they have a dedicated app to be able to access the email quickly, in addition to receiving notifications when new messages arrive, as if they were viewing it from the desktop.

To do this, you can go to the official websites of both operating systems to download the Gmail application and log in:

When you have the app downloaded, you will only need to access Gmail with your usual data and password, and in just a few seconds you will see your email on your Android or iOS terminal.

What can we do from the Gmail app?

Specifically, when entering from our devices, it allows us to perform all these actions:

  • switch between our gmail accounts with a single press.
  • Receive notifications on our mobile and read them directly. We can also control such notifications, their frequency, etc.
  • Undo sent messages. Although it has a time limit.
  • We will can attach photos or files in an email directly from the mobile gallery or through Drive.
  • Navigate through our tray deleting or archiving the received messages (this will be synchronized so when entering from the PC we will no longer see these emails in Gmail).
  • find function. Very complete that in addition to searching for contact names, allows us to autofill if you have them added to your agenda or Gmail.
  • Access to others google features like Calendars, YouTube, etc, just entering Gmail.

Problems trying to sign in to Gmail on PC

It may be the case that when you log in to your Gmail you encounter slight problems that do not allow you to access your account normally. Luckily, you have several methods to recover your access with SMS and alternative emails that we will tell you about in more detail below:

  • Forgotten password: The first thing you should do is, on the login screen, write your email or phone number associated with the account and then click on “Next” and “Have you forgotten your password?”. If you want something faster, go here and follow the instructions that will be given to you.
  • forgotten mail: As before, go to the login screen and in this case click on “Forgot your email?”. We leave you this link that will take you directly to these forms so you can recover your account either with your mobile or a secondary email.
  • You can’t login:
    • Check the browser url
    • Check that the “caps lock” button on your keyboard is not activated. That will cause Gmail not to detect that it is your password.
    • If you don’t remember your email, try with your mobile
    • Please try with another browser
  • Gmail works very slow: Perhaps it is your connection or it is just a specific error, in any case, when trying to load, just below you will see a link that says «Basic HTML version» for slow connections.

If it is not any of these, it is recommended that you contact Google directly to tell them about your problem at or consult our tips on how to recover your gmail account if you want to try for yourself.

Problems when trying to sign in to Gmail on mobile

With the above, you may have resolved the error, but with the app you can try these methods to see if you can regain access to your Gmail:

  • Update your Gmail. Your device probably already asks for it, but if not, you can go to the Android or iOS store and update it from there.
  • Jump the error «can’t protect connectionn». This is something simpler, it is that the date of your mobile does not coincide with that of the Gmail server. Check that it is correctly set and change it in the settings of your mobile.
  • Adjust your input and output data. This usually happens if you use an app that is not Gmail, so you should check that both are fine to IPOP either IMAP.
  • It tells you that you havetoo many updates«. It happens when you try to sync your messages too often. go to Menu > Settings > Data usage > Days of email synced> select a longer frequency.
  • internal error. In this little you can do and it is because Google is down. You can go here and check the status of the service. In any case, try force closing the Gmail app to see if that fixes it.

Tips for secure login

Signing in to Gmail correctly is very important not only for your messages, but anyone who has access could enter other Google services, so you should be extremely careful when using your email.

  • Use an updated antivirus: It is important that you always keep your database up to date since new threats every so often, and one of them could affect your email.
  • change password: You don’t have to do it every day, but it is convenient to update it from time to time.
  • Two Factor Authentication: With this Google measure you can give your account extra security. You can activate it by going here;
  • sign out: And if you leave it open, anyone could enter your account without your permission. This is especially dangerous if you use a device that is not yours.
  • Put a valid number: Apart from needing it to create your account, once you lose access to it you can recover it thanks to your mobile. You can change this and other sections in “My account”

With this you will be able to use Gmail and Google while keeping your account safe!