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Sign in to Google and sign in securely

Since its creation, Google has been expanding to become the largest internet company with numerous applications that make up its universe, such as YouTube, Waze, Google Drive, Google Play Store for Android or the same search engine, services without which the network we know today would not be the same or as comfortable, and can be used by almost anyone person with access to a device.

Sign in to Google
Press the button to enter and sign in to Google.

Because it offers so many applications it is not strange that many users get confused about how to login correctly in Google. Here we are going to explain how to log in without problems to your Google account!

Clarification: To enjoy all the apps/services we have mentioned on Google, you will need an account. If you don’t have it yet, you can always check our article on how to create a google account.

Sign in to Google on PC

The Google search engine is not only a tool to search for everything you need on the Internet, and right now you can log in directly from its website:

  1. go to oa
  2. Press the button “Log in«.
  3. Write your Gmail username or the email associated with that Google account (if it is not from and click on «Following«.
  4. Confirm by entering your password and click «Following«.
  5. Congratulations! you are already logged in.

You may see that nothing changes when you access your account, but in the upper right corner you will see that your Google username appears, so you will already be inside your account. When you visit YouTube, for example, you will not need to enter that website since your user is connected to said platform.

Sign in to Google from an Android or iOS mobile

In the case of both Android and iOS devices, the process is very basic, but it requires that you first have the application installed on said terminals. To download the Google mobile app:

Now that you have the application, simply log in to use it. Of course, you will have to repeat the process with each different application that you want to use, for example, if you want to use Youtube either google driveyou must log in to each of them with the same Google username and password.

If you don’t feel like downloading the official Google app, you can go to and press “Login” from any browser to enter your account, the advantages are the same as with the previous account, only you save a few seconds.

Sign in to Google from another account

To enter Google/Gmail from several accounts you must add them first:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. Click on «add another account«.
  3. Enter both the email and the password.
  4. Now said account will be logged in and you will be able to receive email alerts received, unless you log out.

Trouble signing in to Google

You have already seen that logging into Google makes things very easy for you, but even so, you may encounter small problems, especially if you lose access to your email or forget your password. Luckily all this has a solution and it is easy to solve it.

If you have lost your password, enter the login page and click on “have you forgotten your password?“. They will give you several extra options in case you don’t remember your last password, and they even give you the option to “Try another way”, which is nothing more than receiving an SMS from Google with a series of numbers (similar to “G-XXXXXX ») in order to confirm your identity. You can also use your device associated with that account or with an alternative email if you have left it in the Google settings.

If what happens is that your browser does not allow you to access Google, simply try a different one or check your Internet connection. In the latter case, it could be that your firewall/firewall or that of your company is blocking certain IPs or pages, so you should check the router or contact the administrator of said device or network.

Tips and precautions when logging in

Like any site where you leave your personal data, you must follow certain measures when using it, since all your information has a price on the black market, so you will always be exposed to attempts to get hold of it. That is why we leave you with some ideal security tips so that your Google account is the safest you can have. Follow the tips below to sign in to Google securely:

  • always log in from your own device or, if it is not possible (libraries, etc) let it be in «incognito mode«, so that there is no trace of the websites you have visited.
  • try change your password from time to time, this way you will prevent someone from guessing it by phishing or brute force or other hacks. you will find how change a google password in our guides.
  • sign out if you must use a device that is not yours, since otherwise it could be left open and that third person could access your data.
  • Set up both a secondary email as a phone number to be able to recover your access in case of password loss.

With all this followed to the letter, you only have to worry about the time you spend on Google once you have logged in, since it is a lot of fun! 😉