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Netflix: sign in or access your account

To start enjoying Netflix series or movies, the first thing is to create an account, since without it you won’t be able to sign in to netflix and enjoy its entire catalog. Usually, many Netflix users have problems logging into their account, either because they forget their password, or do not have the application installed, among others.

Enter the Netflix catalog with the email and password
Sign in to Netflix

Enter “My account” to modify your settings
My account on Netflix

Problems logging in? below we offer solutions to common problems.

Netflix is the leader in streaming visual content, which can be accessed from various platforms, and this causes many users to want to log in from their Android/iOS mobiles or tablets, from a Smart TV application, or from a browser connected to the Internet. There are many ways to access your account and in Accounts & Sessions we know, that’s why we have a solution for every problem when signing in to Netflix.

Sign in to Netflix from a PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux)

Access Netflix from a computer It is quite easy using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Opera, with any of them you can enter the official website to watch a series or movie, but remember if you want to see content in HD/4K! You must have a strong and stable Internet connection. Follow the steps below to log in:

  1. go to
  2. Enter your email Y password. If the account has been created with a phone number, you can use it instead of entering the email.
  3. Press the red button “Log in“.
    Netflix sign in screen.
  4. Choose the netflix profilethis will appear only if you have previously created your profile.

Congratulations! You can now enjoy series and movies on demand and in high quality.

Once the session is started, when the catalog appears, you just have to browse or use the search engine, until you find the content you want to see. Then you must click to start enjoying it.

Sign in to Netflix from an Android/iOS mobile

If you have an Android or iOS device (mobile or tablet) and want to access the Netflix catalog, you must download the official Netflix application, since unfortunately you will not be able to use your browser to access the catalog, only from the application. Follow the steps below to sign in to netflix from your device:

  1. Download the Netflix app for your operating system:
    1. netflix for android:
      developer: unknown
      Price: Free

    2. Netflix for iOS:
      developer: Netflix, Inc.
      Price: Free+

  2. Install and open the app.
  3. Enter your email Y password associated with your account on the login form.
  4. Press «Log in«.
    Netflix sign in screen
    Netflix sign in screen.
  5. Select your profile from account.

Clever! You will now be able to see the catalog from your device and enjoy your favorite series or movie.

From the catalog you can easily scroll and even use its recommendation or search system, so you can access practically all the content that Netflix offers.

Sign in to Netflix from TV

If you already have it installed on your smartTV, it will probably appear at the beginning in the menu of your television, otherwise:

  1. Open the app store.
  2. In the search bar type Netflixenter and press «Install«.
  3. In a few minutes you should get into the applications screen.
  4. Go to Netflix and log in with your username and password, as you would from the web.

How to fix problems signing in to Netflix

Sign in to Netflix It is usually a simple process, but many times problems can occur and you will not be able to do it. The most common is forgetting your account access password, but all problems have a solution! Here are the most common login errors:

  • I forgot my email address: In this case, you could try with your phone number that you have registered in your account. If you can’t remember either, you’ll need the help system to sign in to Netflix at, maybe they will find an alternative solution.
  • Has your account been hacked?: This is one of the most serious situations, act quickly! and you can safely regain access. contact him netflix support in and/or through «live chat«, in both cases you will be able to communicate in Spanish.
  • Has your subscription ended?: if after logging in a notice appears “Renew your subscription”, it is likely that your subscription has expired, it may be due to a lack of balance on the card or a problem with the payment method, we recommend you review and update your payment information. Sign in to and then “Membership and billing” to renew your subscription and modify any information.

The most common problems sign in to netflix normally they are those, however, yours is probably not among them. To try to fix a different problem, contact a support person at Netflixwill assist you in Spanish through «live chat” in or by phone if you press «call us«.

Netflix internet domains by country

Netflix has local web domains for all the countries in which it operates, this allows it to develop local brands and also distribute traffic by country to avoid saturation. Here is the list of some of the countries with Netflix’s own domain that have the largest number of users:

In those countries of Latin America and Spain, Netflix has more subscribers, which is why it promotes local domains. If you access from Spain, you will access the specific regional version, and the login will be done directly (after automatic redirection) from With the exception of China (a country from which you could only log in through a network vpn) and Crimea (peninsula intervened and incorporated by Russia in 2014), the rest of the world can enjoy Netflix.

Security recommendations for signing in to Netflix

Netflix is ​​a private service, typically used by known users or several members of a familybut not for that we should neglect security Netflix account login. Avoiding account theft is fundamental, it happens and a lot today. Follow the tips below to protect your Netflix account:

  • Modify your password from time to time: A password that is more than 1 year old could be vulnerable. Read our guide to change a netflix password.
  • Close open sessions on other devices: It is normal to forget to log out on a device that is not yours and the login remains active for weeks. Prevent other people from using your account and sign out of active sessions before leaving by going to My account.
  • Remove the “Remember me” option when logging in: you will be forced to enter the email or phone number and password each time you want to start a session, use this resource if it is a foreign device!
  • Protect yourself, install an antivirus: Install and update antivirus or antimalware regularly, and scan your device for security issues.
  • Take care of your access password: protect your password, do not share or lend it temporarily, because they could enter in your name, change the password and steal your account while the payment is made in your name. Change your access password periodically.
  • Update your payment method: so you will not stay with your membership deactivated, remember that Netflix automatically charges each month.

These tips will help you stay in control of your account and enjoy the experience of series and movies without worries.