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microsoft It is one of the largest technology companies in the world, being responsible for creating the well-known Windows operating system, as well as other services, such as private servers, web browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge), tablets/computers (Surface) and even game consoles like the Xbox.

Sign in to Microsoft
Press the button to enter and sign in to Microsoft.

By offering so many products, the microsoft account It allows access to multiple services and tools from any device, therefore, it is important to know our access data, normally it will be an email, telephone number or Skype account, in addition to the password. Having trouble and can’t get into your Microsoft account? since Accounts & Sessions We will help you solve the most common problems.

Sign in to Microsoft from a web browser

With your Microsoft account you can automatically sign in to all your services, such as OneDrive, Skype, office 365 either Hotmail / Outlook, since logging in to any one of them will open a session to all the others, synchronizing the login between services of the same company. Here are the steps to get into your Microsoft account:

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter your emailname of Skype either telephone that you have associated with that account and press “Following“.
  3. Enter your password and press “Log in“.
  4. Clever! the session will have been successfully started.

From that moment the web will be loaded and you will be inside your Microsoft account to enjoy all the associated services. Remember that the sessions of the other services will have started automatically, enjoy!

Problems signing in to Microsoft?

Logging in is increasingly relevant, since to access 1 or multiple services, you will need your account access data. If someone has tried to access from a device from another country or unknown, Microsoft will deactivate your account for security reasons, better safe than sorry! Here are some of the common problems when getting into Microsoft:

  • I forgot my password: nothing easier than going to this link and reset your password. It will tell you various account recovery methods depending on whether you enter your email address, mobile number or Skype username. Remember that if it is an Outlook account, as it is also a Microsoft service, you can follow the specific guide of Outlook/Hotmail account recovery.
  • Account temporarily suspended: In certain cases, when an account is being misused, such as sending spam or junk mail, or just suspicious activity has been detected, you will receive this message. To reactivate your Microsoft account you must enter the code that will be sent to your mobile phone and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Verify your identity: This happens especially if you log in from a new device or from an IP that is not the usual one. Microsoft will offer you a number of methods to confirm that you are the owner of the account, for which you will need the mobile phone number or a secondary email.

If you have other problems that do not appear in that list, or it is something more serious, we recommend you contact the microsoft support and have all your data at hand to speed up the process. The technical team will help you solve any problem in a short time.

Security tips when signing in to Microsoft

Microsoft is a constant source of threats due to all the information it contains, so we must be careful, remember that your data is private! and so they must continue. Here are some security tips to prevent theft or loss of accounts:

  • update password: A difficult password is useless if you don’t change it periodically. To do so, go to “Security” > “password security“, complete the form and press “Save“ to register the new password. Microsoft allows you to include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols within the password, use them!, so you can have a really secure account.
  • Do not save password on other devices: If you save your login details, anyone with access to that device could access your account. Uncheck the box “Stay signed in» to prevent your access data from being saved in the browser. We recommend starting the session in incognito mode, this way you will avoid saving the data, since closing the browser window will destroy all the information in that window.
  • Update your antivirus: protect your device, by passing the antivirus periodically, your device will be free of threats that can copy your access data or hack your account in any way. There are antivirus for PC and for mobile devices, and also free!

This way you will be able to increase the security of your account, always being clear that the links, files or any website that seems suspicious, it is better not to open or visit them! All precaution is welcome.