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Sign in or enter the mail in POF

POF is a company specialized in internet dating, also called Plenty of Fishwhich became part of the Match company in 2015. It is one of the specialized websites with the most active registered users, which has allowed it to reap great successes since its creation more than 10 years ago.

Enter ≫ Login to POF

Login to POF

To enter the “Mail” and check your messages:
Check POF mail
Problems logging in?
Here are instructions and help with common problems.

To take full advantage of the potential of your profile you must log in to your account, so you can communicate with your contacts, search users and find people. When entering the official website you must enter your username or email and your password that you have chosen when create a pof account. Many people see this process complete, that is why in Accounts & Sessions We are going to explain step by step the different procedures to enter POF.

Login to POF from a computer/PC

to be able to enter on the official website From your computer you will only need an Internet connection and a browser (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc), in addition to your access data. Here are the steps to open the session and enter POF:

  1. go to
  2. Look for the form of «Log in» or click on the link with the same title. Enter the username or email address and password. Press «Check mail” either “Log in“It will depend on the operating system you have.
    Enter POF screen
    POF login screen
  3. Happy fishing! you will have successfully logged in and you will be able to continue in your search for a flirt or partner.


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POF uses the concept of “Mail” to refer to the messages sent between its users, since it is not really an email service, but it does have a message inbox.

Login to POF from an Android / iOS device

POF offers specific applications for mobile devices, since many of its users log in daily with more ease and speed compared to the browser version. Next, to open the session from Android/iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the official app (if you have it installed, you can skip this step):
  1. Opens the application.
  2. Click on “Do you already have an account? Log in“.
  3. Enter your login details (username or email and password), then click on «Get into«.
    Enter POF screen
    POF login screen
  4. Clever! the session should have started successfully.

So you will enter your POF account from any mobile device with the same functionalities as from the PC, and also, by having the application installed and having logged in, POF saves the access data and then you simply have to open the application to start using it, it will not ask you for the data every time you will have it, it will only ask for it the first time!

Enter the mail and review POF messages

To enter the inbox of the POF platform and find all the messages of your profile you must go to logging in as we have previously taught you. Or if you prefer, you can go to the main website and click on “Mail” to get there faster. Next, we offer you a direct access button to the mail:

Enter the POF mail

Problems during login?

Many people have problems logging in, and not just in POF, in almost any service. One of the most common problems is having forgotten the access password to enter the account. Here are the steps to recover the POF access password:

  1. Proof log in with any password and press the link that appears just below giving «Did you forget your password?”. If you want to do it faster you can go directly from
    Enter POF screen
    Press Forgot Password to go to the recovery section.
  2. Enter your username or email and press «Send«. pof you will send a confirmation email.
    Enter POF screen
    Entering the email to regain access.
  3. Check your inbox, you will see a new email from POF, open it and enter press the link, it will take you to a screen to enter your new password twice. When you are done, click on “Update your password”.
    Enter POF screen
    POF email to recover your account.
    Enter POF screen
    Screen to log in to POF and update your password.
  4. Congratulations! the password should have been changed successfully and you will have regained access to POF.

You should now be able to log into POF with that key you entered. Otherwise, try to repeat the process or consult our guide to recover POF accounts.

Countries with official POF sites to login

POF does not offer local versions in all countries, it only has a presence in 2 countries in addition to the global version, and they are Spain and Mexico. This does not mean that there are only users from those countries, POF has many users from Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela or the Dominican Republic, among other countries. It is clearly less popular than Tinder or Badoo, but also people who use POF are usually looking for a stable partner and have a different approach to relationships. Next, the access to the 2 countries with local version of POF:

In either case, both the profiles and your data will look the same regardless of the POF domain you choose.

Security tips for logging into POF

Log in on any service, POF included, can be dangerous if not done with care, and this is why you should take steps to improve your security. Here are some security recommendations for you to use trusted devices and have better security:

  • use only devices of yours or of trusted people. Prevent your access data from being stolen, remember that you have personal and sensitive information.
  • Update the antivirus to scan for keyloggers or programs that may find out your access data.
  • Log out of POF every time you finish using the service.
  • Check that the url is, or and if it is different, it is probably a fake website and they try steal your login details.
  • uses strong passwords: include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some symbol, so it will be more difficult for them to find out your password. You can take advantage of the central password and access managers, they are very useful and secure, among which we recommend this last pass Y 1Password. You can also follow our advice to change pof password directly from the app.

Now you will be ready to enter POF and find a partner easily! And remember that if you have been lucky enough to find a partner, or simply want to give yourself a break, you can permanently delete your POF account following a simple guide.


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