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Sign in and enter Blogger

blogging It is one of the most used platforms to write blogs on the Internet. Taken over by Google in 2003, it had been active since 1999, expanding rapidly as one of the first services to offer the “common user” the ability to create content for free without web design knowledge.

Enter ≫ Log in to Blogger/Blogspot

Login to Blogger

The only thing you need to use blogger is a Google account, so to log in it will ask for your Gmail and a password, being possible to do it from any device (mobile/tablet/pc). If you have any problems or doubts, from Accounts & Sessions We have created this guide to help you.

Sign in to Blogger from a web browser

Blogger was born on the web, long before the massification of mobile devices (phones/tablets), and that is why the login is really fast and easy. Here are the steps to log in from the official website:

  1. Accede to
  2. You will automatically sent to login pageif this is not the case, you should see the home page of the service, to access it, press «Log in«, located on the right, above.
  3. Enter your email of Google and press «Following“.
  4. Enter your password (you can click on the icon of the crossed out eye to see the key while you write it) and press “Following“.
  5. Congratulations! you will have already logged in to Blogger, to publish has been said!

Once you have followed this procedure, if you have entered your data correctly, you will enter blogging and you will see a panel to write your first posts or edit the template to your liking, among other service settings.

Log in to Blogger from Android

Blogger is a service that belongs to Google and Android too, that’s why it’s very easy to log in on any Android device. Here are the steps to log in to the service:

  1. Download and install the application of blogging for Android (if you already have it, you can skip this step):
    developer: unknown
    Price: Free

  2. Opens the Blogger app.
  3. will ask you choose google account on your Android phone, select it (if you want to use another one that does not appear in the list, you can add it).
  4. Clever! the session will have started successfully and at lightning speed.

As you can see, you only need a linked email on Blogger to start, so what are you waiting for to be the new famous blogger?

Problems logging into Blogger?

When logging in there can be errors of any kind that will prevent you from accessing your account, and that is why we have compiled a list of common problems and solutions. Here are solutions for common login problems:

  • I forgot my password: without the password it is impossible to enter neither Google nor Blogger, so you must recover your account, enter your email and on the next screen, press “Forgot your password?” to start the recovery process.
  • I forgot my email: Normally you will already be logged in automatically, but if by chance it doesn’t let you in or you’ve lost your Blogger email, go to this pagetype in a recovery phone number or email assigned to that account and you’ll be given several solutions to remember it.
  • You do not remember anything, except the address of your Blog: for these extreme cases you have this link. Enter the address in blogger and click on «Search» to receive an email with instructions to recover your account. Of course, to start the recovery process, you will need to have access to that email.

For any other problem you can contact the Google supportthey will attend you quickly and with a good disposition to solve your problems.

Security tips when logging into Blogger

Blogger’s security team regularly implements new methods to prevent account theft or data security issues, but you’ll also need to be involved in keeping your account secure by taking certain precautions. Here are essential security tips to protect your Blogger projects and data:

  • Change your password frequently: since changing it will make life more difficult for any hacker or program that tries to record your Blogger data. To do this, go to your Google account, to “Security” > “Sign in to Google” > “Password” > «Change Password«. We recommend using numbers, lowercase, uppercase and some symbol in the password, this will make it more difficult to guess.
  • Update your antivirus: make sure that the antivirus database is always up to date, this will prevent any threat against your blog.
  • Avoid saving passwords on third-party devices: just by entering the browser and entering your data they could even delete your blog without your consent. Always close the session and avoid saving the password when starting it. We recommend using incognito mode always, safety first!.

Following these recommendations, your Google and Blogger accounts will be safe, although it never hurts to spend a little time to avoid falling into new traps that hackers may devise, always ready, like the Scouts!