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Sign in and enter Pinterest

pinterest is a social network specialized in sharing photos and videos. It is characterized by the «pins» that its users can publish (videos/photos), being able to access see them all on your wall as if from a plank it was treated

Enter ≫ Sign in to Pinterest

Sign in to Pinterest

To start sharing interesting photos and videos, you will need to log in with your username and password, or you can also choose to log in with your Facebook and Google account. Either way, if you run into any issues logging in to Pinterest, help for a successful login can be found below.

Sign in to Pinterest from a web browser

This is the most common way to log in to Pinterest, since it can be done from any mobile phone or computer with an Internet connection, as long as you have a username and password. If you still do not have access data, we help you to create an account on Pinterest step by step.

Here are the steps to access Pinterest from the web:

  1. go to and on the left side, just above, click on “Log in“.
  2. A screen will appear in which you will see 2 access methods:
    1. Use your account Google either Facebook if you have registered through any of these services.
    2. Enter your email either phone number and you password.
  3. If you have chosen the Google/Facebook option, you will be logged in quickly. If you use the email/phone number option, press the “Log in“.
  4. Clever! your session will have started successfully.

From this moment you should already be inside your social network account and be able to see everything that people share, access your boards and much more, make the most of it!

Sign in to Pinterest with your Google / Facebook account

If you have a Facebook or Google account, you will be able to log in quickly, you just have to have the session of one of these services open, or remember your access data, since you will use the Facebook or Google account to access/create your account. Pinterest. Here are the steps to login via Facebook/Google:

  1. Accede to https://www.pinterest.comand if you do not see a window to start the session, click on the button «Log in» (located on the left, above), then you can choose the service you want (Facebook or Google).
  2. If you press “Continue with Facebook» you will use this service to start the session and if you choose “Continue with Google“ you will do the same with your Google account. Remember that you must be logged in, both on Facebook and Google, in order to use any of those accounts to enter Pinterest. Once you are logged in with one of these services, your account will be linked and the next time you enter Pinterest everything will go faster.
  3. Congratulations! the session will have started successfully.

Login to Pinterest from Android / iOS

Pinterest offers native mobile apps for both Android and iOS (including phones and tablets). Here are the steps to log in from a mobile device:

  1. Download and install the official app (if you already have it installed, you can skip this step):
  2. Opens the application.
  3. choose a login method:
    1. Continue with the mail: You will need to enter an email address and password.
    2. Continue with Facebook: you must have the Facebook session open (If you have the application installed or Messenger, it is probably open). The login will be automatic.
    3. Continue with Google: You must be logged in on Android with your Gmail/Google account (normally the session is always logged in if you use an android phone). The login will be automatic.
  4. Only if you have chosen email, you must follow the steps indicated by Pinterest.
  5. Finish by pressing “Log in“.
  6. Clever! the session will have been successfully started.

Once logged in, a screen will appear with the most interesting latest posts for you, take advantage of the creativity that Pinterest brings!

Problems logging in to Pinterest?

Using Pinterest is quite simple, and normally you will not have problems of practically any kind, but if this is your case and you have any difficulties, we will try to help you. The following list includes the most common login problems:

wrong password: There can be several reasons, from simply getting confused when typing or forgetting. For these cases there is a section that helps you reset your password and go back in.

  • Email required for registration: occurs when, for example, you try to log in with Facebook and it does not have an associated email. To get into your account you must use a Facebook account that does have a valid email or use another option to log in.
  • Suspicious activity: It happens when Pinterest detects that your account is compromised. In order to recover it you must locate your account and change the password or try to log in with Facebook or Google.

If you follow these tips and don’t do anything that goes against the rules of the social network, you shouldn’t have too many problems as long as you can remember your password. Now you can enjoy all the options of this social network, start upload photos to Pinterest and discover all its advantages.