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Sign in to Spotify and sign in securely

More and more internet users are making use of tools to listen to music online without the need for a connected device. In recent times, more and more streaming music playback services have emerged, that is, the playback of content while it is being downloaded. One of the most used services in this area is Spotifywhich has become one of the leading references in streaming music playback in two versions: paid or free.

Sign in to Spotify
Press the button to enter and open the Spotify session.

Spotify is a multiplatform service that you can use both from your computer and on your mobile phone’s Android and iOS operating systems. You can even use it if you have Play Station or Smart TV among many other options. If you want to be a Spotify user you must log in with a previously created account, however some users have experienced some kind of difficulty when registering. So that this does not happen to you, we invite you to continue reading to learn how to sign in to spotify on different platforms.

Sign in to Spotify from a PC

Spotify has an exclusive platform for computers whose download is available on the main website. Spotiy for PC is easy to use and very useful, since it allows you to create playlists, organize them, share them and listen to them! Here are the steps to log in from a desktop computer:

  1. Download and install Spotify for pc (it will automatically download the installer for your platform, don’t panic! and if you already have the program, skip this step).
  2. Opens Spotify.
  3. You can log in in 2 ways:
    1. Login with Facebook: you must press the blue button.
    2. Log in with your Username/email Y password: you must enter your access data.
  4. Enjoy Spotify on your computer!

You must deactivate the option “Remember me” in the event that you use a device other than your personal one.

Sign in to Spotify from a web browser

If you prefer to access Spotify directly from the web, and access the configuration of different options or simply use the online player, the steps are as follows:

  1. go to
  2. There are two alternatives for sign in to Spotify:
    1. Login with Facebook: you must press the button «Login with Facebook«.
    2. Log in with your email/Username Y password: You will have to enter the username or email and the password.
  3. Click on «Log in«.
  4. Clever! you will have logged in from the browser.

when you have signed in to Spotify, you will be redirected to the “Account” option, from there you will be able to see the personalization options regarding password, subscriptions, profile picture, etc. You can also use the online player directly from though you’ll need to log in to start listening!

Also, remember that you can change username on spotify in a simple way, following our practical guide.

Sign in to Spotify from Android / iOS device

Spotify is one of the most used services on any mobile device. You have two official applications configured for Android and iOS. The procedure to log in from your mobile device is:

  1. Download and install the Spotify app (if you already have it, you can skip this step):
    1. Spotify for Android:
      Spotify: Music and Podcasts
      Spotify: Music and Podcasts
      developer: unknown
      Price: Free

    2. Spotify for iOS:
      ‎Spotify: Music and Podcasts
      ‎Spotify: Music and Podcasts
      developer: Spotify
      Price: Free+

  2. Opens Spotify.
  3. There are two alternatives for sign in to Spotify:
    1. Login with Facebook: Press the button “Login with Facebook«.
    2. Log in with your email/Username Y password: Enter your username/email and password.
  4. Clever! you will be signed in to the Spotify mobile app.

To successfully access your account, you must enter the correct data, since Spotify will not let you enjoy its catalog without having an account. Remember that if you have problems, you can recover your Spotify account following that link.

Now that you’ve learned how to log in to Spotify, you’ll be able to use all of its features, listen to your favorite playlists, and even upload songs to spotify easily.

Spotify login problems?

It is possible that during the process of signing in to Spotify you will have some inconveniences, these are the most common situations:

Don’t remember username or password

  • If you have problems at enter the password for forgetting or because it is misspelled, you should visit the link or click on “Have you forgotten your password?”. From this option, Spotify will send an email with the steps to recover your access password. It’s a good idea change Spotify password from time to time so that your data is kept safe.
  • In the case of not remember the name, there is the alternative of entering the email. If this second option is not possible either, you can use the option to access from the social network Facebook.
  • Be sure to check your SPAM tray if you don’t receive a email from spotify to reset the password and, if the link they send you does not work, try copying and pasting the url into your browser.

Access with Facebook, Google or Apple

  • If you have lost access to Facebook: If access to Facebook does not work either, you should do what you can to regain access to your Facebook account through the email you have associated. If you cannot solve it, we invite you to consult our article to recover a Spotify account
  • In case of Google or AppleNote that you will need iOS13 as an operating system if you need sign in to Spotify in you iPhoneso either update, or check out the other methods to regain your access that we show you.

Access Spotify from abroad

As in some countries it is not allowed to use this app, it is possible that, after 14 days, you can not log in even if you put your data correctly. We recommend that you consult the official list of countries in which Spotify is available before making your trip.

You don’t have too many options after those 14 days; or go to spotify premium or change the country of your account by going to this link and then where it says Country or regionselect the one that corresponds.

If the problems persist, and you really want to recover your account, the last option is to contact technical support directly: