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Yahoo! Mail: sign in or enter and

yahoo is a company that began its journey in 1995 with multiple features that have made it one of the best known on the internet. One of its main utilities is the use of email accounts, a service that it launched in 1997 when it was created Yahoo! Mail is the third email service with the largest number of users, the first two being gmail Y Outlook.

Sign in to Yahoo
Press the button to enter and sign in to Yahoo.

If you have a yahoo account that you use on a daily basis, below you can consult the process to access your account from your PC or mobile phone and how to solve the inconveniences that you may encounter when signing in. By entering your Yahoo mail account you will also have access to many other services such as Yahoo! Finance either Yahoo! Sports.

Sign in to Yahoo! Mail from the browser

To sign in to Yahoo! Mail, first you must access the main website of the service and enter your credentials. However, as there are certain cases in which doubts arise, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to access the service:

  1. go to
  2. Enter your Email address from Yahoo! (can be or and press «Following«.
  3. Enter the password and press «Log in«.
  4. Signed in! you will access either To access the inbox directly you just have to type the address and you will access directly.

When you sign in to Yahoo!, you will automatically be signed in to other services such as Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports or Yahoo! Movies, among others.

Sign in to Yahoo! Mail from Android / iOS

For sign in to Yahoo! from your mobile device (tablet/phone) you must download the official application, a more convenient and faster option that will notify you when you receive new messages in your inbox, among other features. Here are the steps to log in with your email account from iOS or Android:

  1. Download and install the Yahoo! Mail (if you already have it, you can skip this step):
  2. Open the app and press the «Sign in with Yahoo«.
  3. Enter your Email address. Press «Following«.
  4. Enter your password. Press «Log in«.

Congratulations! The session will have started correctly, you will now be able to access your email inbox.

When you sign in to Yahoo!, you have the option to add other email accounts, so you can manage them all in one place.

Sign in to other Yahoo!

When you sign in to Yahoo! You will automatically have access to other services, among them we highlight:

  • yahoo sports
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Search
  • Yahoo Celebrity
  • Apps for Yahoo Mobile

If you want to check the complete list of services, you just have to enter the following address

Frequent problems signing in to Yahoo!

You may find that when trying to access your Yahoo! mail account, some problems appear that can be easily solved. The most common problems are:

  • Forgotten password: If you do not remember the password, you can recover it by performing the following steps:
    1. Look in the login area for the option «Having trouble logging in?» press it.
    2. Enter the email or phone number linked to your account. Press «Send«.
    3. You will receive a code by SMS or a link via email, enter the code in the message or click on the link in the email.
    4. You will then be able to define a new password and restore access to your account.
  • Another email address appears: If when entering the service another email address appears that does not belong to you, this means that someone else used your device to log in and the account had been stored. Press «Isn’t that you?» to fix the problem and enter your own email address.
  • Prove that you are not a robot: Since there are automated services that create thousands of Yahoo! automatically (or they try to access existing accounts by trying different passwords), from time to time you may be asked if you are a real person. Check the box “I am not a robot«. In the event that it does not ask you to press on certain images, the problem will have been solved.

Security tips for signing in to Yahoo

When you sign in to Yahoo! it is necessary to provide personal information. For this reason, you must take into account some tips in order to maintain the security of your account and prevent other people from having access to it.

  • It is very important that at sign in to either deactivate the option «Do not sign out” either “stay connected» if you access from a device that is not yours. On the contrary, if you don’t take this precaution, any user could see your email inbox, even if you close the browser window.
  • Change your password periodicallyincreasing security by combining symbols, letters or numbers that make it difficult to access the account. If you can’t get it back, use services like last pass either 1Passwordwill help you save and manage passwords for countless digital services.
  • Install a antivirus/anti-malware that prevents access to computer programs intended to capture everything you type (including passwords), are so-called «keylogger«.
  • Make use of the option Yahoo disposable email if the service in which you register does not give you reliability.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can sign in to Yahoo! without difficulty.