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Sign in to Snapchat and sign in securely

Snapchat It is one of the favorite social networks among young people. It has become a medium whose particularity lies in the possibility of sharing content that is only available for a short period of time. It is also a fun social network that is also used to try out different filters or create creative videos.

Sign in to Snapchat
Press the button to enter and open the Snapchat session.

If you have thought about create a snapchat account either log in to the app, there are different alternatives either using the official application or the main website, although sometimes inconveniences may arise. To simplify the process we are going to show you the simplest process and the most frequent problems that may arise when logging in.

Login to Snapchat from the app on Android / iOS

If your device is an Android/iOS phone or tablet, you’re in luck! The process to log in and log in to Snapchat is very easy. Here are the steps to log in:

  1. Download and install the app snapchat official:
  2. Locate the snapchat icon and open the app.
  3. Click on «Log in” to go to the account login page.
  4. Enter your Username or address of email and the password. He presses on the button «Log in«.
  5. Signed in! you just accessed the ghost application.

Yes, it’s first time you log in to snapchatyou must enter the phone numberSnapchat will send you an identity confirmation SMS that will be automatically validated if you are logged in or in the process of opening it.

Sign in to Snapchat on PC

If you don’t feel like using the web browser and want sign in from the Snapchat app on your PCyou will have no choice but to use a Android/iOS emulator:

  • For Android The simplest thing is to install a program like Bluestacks either No xwhich we have already told you about in our article on how to use instagram on your pc.
  • If you prefer to use iOS, iPadian can be a good option, although it is paid, but you have a Mac, there is the option of xcodefrom which you can launch iOS Simulator.
  • In any case, you would simply have to download them as a program more on your PC/MAC and install them.

  • When it finishes installing, open the emulator again and look for the Snapchat icon.
  • It will ask you to enter your usual username and password as if you were on your mobile.
  • Once inside you can see all your contacts and content of Snapchat on your PC.
  • In case the app gives you problems, try reinstalling it from Google Play either play store Y disable automatic updates.

Sign in to Snapchat from

You can log in from the official website of the social network and also from any mobile device or even from your computer. Although offers a limited version and is mostly geared towards settings and general management of your account, you won’t be able to post stories or send messages to contacts. Here are the steps to log in from the official website:

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter your Username or address of email and you password.
    Snapchat login screen
    Snapchat login screen.
  3. Press the button “Log in«.
  4. Clever! the session will have been successfully started.

The “Manage my account” menu will appear so you can change any detail of your account, from your personal information, to the management of the devices you use, among others. From here you can locate your snapcode and even delete your snapchat account.

Snapchat login screen
Snapchat login screen.

Trouble signing in to Snapchat

To the sign in to Snapchat, problems may arise that make it difficult to access your account. Here are some of the possible issues during Snapchat login:

  • You have forgotten some access data: If when trying to access your Snapchat account you discover that you do not remember the access data, you will have to resort to the methods of snapchat account recovery.
  • Blocked for spamming: It happens in the event that a certain post goes against the rules or policies of the Snapchat service, when these actions make other users uncomfortable. During 24 you will not be able to access, but if you repeat the same actions for which you have been blocked, the account will be banned -deleted- and you will have to create a new one.
  • Super-user/root permissionsNote: Users using root access may encounter problems logging in to Snapchat as the app may block access. To avoid this, disable this form of access and locate the plugin or application that is causing problems.
  • vpn (virtual private network): If you use a VPN to access your Snapchat account, you may find that the app denies access and an error message appears when you try to “Login”. You must use a normal connection.