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How to sign in to Google Drive

google drive is the quintessential cloud storage service offered for free with a Google account. In order to enjoy all the advantages of this service, it is essential to activate our account. Google Drive and Start session. If you don’t know how to do it, we will show you in detail in this guide.

Enter ≫ Sign in to Google Drive

Sign in to Google Drive

google drive It is characterized by its ease and handling, as well as its integration with the entire office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.) and its 15GB of storageall this associated with our Gmail account if we have it, being able to access it easily from the PC or any mobile device.

Sign in to Google Drive from PC

  1. Access from any browser to:
  2. If you already have one open google account the most normal thing is that you log in automatically, otherwise, you will see a window like the one we show you.
  3. Enter both the email as the key associated with your Google account and click on «Next» or next.
  4. When you do this, you will enter automatically in your Drive dashboard.
  5. Congratulations!

Sign in to Google Drive with Android or iOS

In this case, we will have to install an app previously before we can sign in to google drive from our terminal.

  • Download the app according to the operating system of your mobile:
google drive
google drive
developer: unknown
Price: Free

  • If you already have one Google account associated with said terminal you will be logged in automaticallyotherwise it will ask you to create one before continuing.

How to log in to Google Drive without internet connection

Being stored in the cloud, you will naturally need the Internet to access your files in Drive, but there is a very useful trick to be able to see your files if you have a null or unstable connection:

  1. install this extension for Chrome
  2. Click on add Chrome for the extension to be activated in your browser.
  3. we must go to my Drive and click on settings. If you prefer you can go from this link and click on the toothed wheel as shown above.
  4. Where does it say “offline” either Without connection, see if the box highlighted in the screenshot is checked. If it is, you don’t have to do anything else, otherwise, mark it so that all your files are synchronized with google driveand you can access them when you don’t have Internet.

Problems signing in to Google Drive

Google Drive won’t connect to the internet

In this type of error, the application does not let us access our files, unless we have followed the steps in the previous section to view files in google drive offline. Visit other websites and if you do not have a signal, check your router or Ethernet cables, since it is not possible to use the app without Internet.

It can also happen that the server google drive is downyou will have no choice but to wait, although you can check at downdetector If there are more people with the same problem.

Enter Google Drive without password

  • If you do not remember your password, the simplest thing is that, after giving you login, write the email associated with Drive and on the next screen click on «Have you forgotten your password?”.
  • It will give you a series of options, even if you have a phone number added, pressing on your smartphone will automatically let you access google drive and change your password.

Get into Google Drive without email

Without email it is not possible to use Google Drivethat’s why you’ll need to click on ‘?Have you forgotten your email?» on the login screen and enter a recovery number or email to receive instructions so you can easily regain your access.