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How to enter Facebook directly without password

Facebook is one of the most used tools every day by Internet users, as much or more than Google, so having a trick on hand to login directly to facebook without password It can be very interesting to save you those valuable seconds. Thanks to this option that the social network itself gives us, you won’t have to worry about writing down your password on unsafe sites, or accumulating cookies with the fear that if you delete them, your password will also be removed.

Facebook auto login

Thanks to this feature, any user who is registered can enter Facebook directly, both from the PC browser and on the mobile, without having to enter any password.

  1. get into your Facebook account and click the tab in the upper right corner (next to the bell).
  2. then go to Settings and privacy > Settings.
  3. In that window click on «Security and login” On the left side.
  4. On the right side, scroll down to where it says “Login» and click edit right next to «Save your login information«.
  5. Depending on the device you use, this option may also be called «Sign in with your profile picture«, follow the same steps as before in that case.
  6. A dropdown will open with two options, where you must choose «Save your login information«.
  7. Once you click you will see in the panel that this option is activated.
  8. And to finish checking it, close your session on Facebook, and when you enter now you should see your profile picture as in the image. When you click on it, you can go to facebook and enter directly without password.

This is useful if you manage several facebook accountssince it allows you to log in with just one click without having to enter passwords each time.

How to automatically log in to Facebook on mobile

This is perhaps the easiest way, we just have to have the app installed on our device, we are clearly talking about the official app, for this you can access the two versions of Android or iOS in these links:

developer: unknown
Price: Free

Price: Free+

The good thing about this method is that you only need to enter the key once to save it for us, so it will enter automatically every time we open the app.

How to enter Facebook without the official app

If you are not interested in installing the app on your device, you can use the desktop version directly:

  1. Open from your mobile browser.
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose pin to start.
  3. now you can login to facebook just by clicking on that shortcut without having to open the app.