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How to get a free month on Netflix

Netflix It is the preferred streaming platform for many to enjoy their favorite series and movies, however, if you are one of those who prefers to try before buying, we will show you how to get a free month on netflix

Requirements to have a free month on Netflix

Not everyone can opt for this promotion, in fact in Spain at the beginning it was available but now the conditions have changed, specifically you will need:

  • A valid email (they will send you a confirmation email) and be able to register on the platform.
  • A card with balance. It can be prepaid, although you will need to have at least some money on it for Netflix to verify that it is a valid card. You will not be charged anything for the duration of the promotion.
  • You can cancel Netflix membership before the 29th counting from the date you signed up, automatically charging the membership if you don’t cancel.
  • For Spain specifically, you will need to pay for one month and they will give you the second free netflix month.

Check country availability

  1. Though NetflixIt is valid for almost everyone, not all countries offer this promotion, so to check yours:
  2. Enter to this link and click on «viewing information right now for«.

  1. When opening the dropdown, choose your country and if the promotion is available, you must follow the steps that we will tell you in the following sections.
  2. Otherwise, if you see a message like “Netflix does not offer free trials» there is still some option that we will also teach you.

Free month if your country is not available

The easiest thing is to try change your IP through a VPN. There are many on the market so it’s a matter of looking at the one that works best for you. Keep in mind that they are always dating new promotions on netflix, so if you haven’t had any luck…don’t be discouraged! You can even test with different devices, since some users have received promotions by entering from samsung phones either from firefox.

How to get the free month of Netflix

Once the option appears, you simply have to register with Netflix:

  1. Enter the official Web from the country you have seen that is available.
  2. Click on «enjoy one month free» and choose the plan you prefer.
  3. By giving about «Continue» will ask you to enter your personal and billing information, as well as an email and password.
  4. Finish by clicking on «to register«

Other methods

There are other not so popular ways to get Netflix for free, such as:

  • Share accounts: Depending on the membership, it is possible to share an account with several devices, so if you have a generous friend, it is always a good alternative.
  • cookies: Like the previous method, it is possible to share Netflix cookies from one browser to another, although there are websites that allow cookies to be exchanged between users, it is not strictly legal, so we recommend that you be careful.
  • gift cards: Although it would not be completely free, there are websites that give away Netflix cards if you perform certain actions. By using this type of card you will not need to pay with your own balance, similar to those of Amazon.

How to cancel Netflix membership

Once you have your trial period, it is important that you remember to cancel it if you think you will not need to use the service in the future:

  1. enter your netflix account and sign in.
  2. go to Accounts > Your profile > Membership and billing > Cancel membership.
  3. Remember to do these steps before reaching day 30. Once this period ends, if you have canceled the membership, you will not be charged anything, being able to reactivate your account later, paying of course.