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How to activate the new Facebook design

The activation of the new design of Facebook it is a change that normally happens automatically. However, not all users are always presented with the opportunity to enjoy a change in the portal interface without previously selecting the option manually. Today we have made a simple and clear guide to how to activate the new facebook design effectively; as well as the different methods you can use to achieve it.

Find out how to activate the new Facebook design easily

It is important to clarify that these Facebook design changes they can be activated and deactivated at the user’s convenience; In the following step guide we will explain in detail how to achieve the activation and deactivation of a new design through the mobile app or the PC.

method via computer

Achieve activate the new Facebook design through the computer is a very easy process to execute. However, the option may not be reflected in your account; this is an eventuality that only very few people experience, but which nevertheless resolves itself over time. To find out whether or not you can update the design, you will only have to do the following:

  • Enter the Facebook website through the browser or simply access through its PC application.
  • Log in in your Facebook account to continue with the process.
  • Head over and press the menu icon represented by an arrow; It is located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Locate the option “Switch to the new version of Facebook”.
  • press next to select and learn about the new features offered by the platform.
  • configure everything to your liking, finish the process, and that’s it.

Method via smartphone

Activate the new Facebook design

Now, the update is also available for cell phones and to achieve this design you can try to update the app via play store. If even after updating the app the design of Facebook has not changed, with the following steps we guarantee that you will reach your goal.

  • Enter the app.
  • Click on it icon of the 3 horizontal lines found in the top options bar.
  • Locate and click on the option “Try the new version of Facebook” to continue.
  • Once the option is selected, you only have to make the settings you want for the application and that’s it.

What are the most notable changes in the new Facebook design?

One of the main objectives for which the social network has decided modernize the interface of its platform, is in increasing the agility and convenience of users when using Facebook on the computer. It is recognized that, previously, the design of this social network was seen very differently on the computer.

Thus many users preferred the use of social network tools on their smartphones. This has motivated developers to increase their agility to function in the different spaces of the platform; creating a series of menus and list of options that are easier to find.

Likewise, in the new design new features have been added such as “The dark mode” that helps take care of users’ eyesight, allowing the intense brightness not to be an impediment to enjoying Facebook. In addition, the history panel will now be present at the top of the news section; without forgetting that now the number of main icons is ideal to move comfortably on each page of the platform.