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Desktop vs. Mobile View

Invitations created on our site and apps will have a desktop view and a mobile view. When creating a Free or Premium invitation on our site, you will be able to see what the invitation will look like on both platforms using the buttons provided

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Managing & Editing Invitations

How can you use Messages as a Guest? As a guest, you can use messages to reply to the Host’s messages or other guests’ messages if you are in a group chat.

Note: Guests cannot start a message through Message…

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Locate My Invitation

All of your upcoming invitations (both created and received) will be at the top. There will be a divider that separates your upcoming invitations from your past invitations, and also a circle navigation at the bottom that you can use to view

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Send an Invitation via SMS Text on Deskt…

You’ve come to the right place!  Now you can add your guests’ phone numbers to your guest list and send them a text invitation. (Please note that you will only be able to send text invitations to 10-digit US numbers at this time. For international

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Search Results

Don’t see your desired time in the time drop down? Rest assured, the half hour time increments are only suggested times. If you’d like to add a different time (i.e. 2:15 PM), simply click in the time field itse…

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General & Troubleshooting

Are you receiving unwanted promotional and marketing emails that you wish to unsubscribe from? All of our marketing emails are equipped with “Unsubscribe” links at the bottom of them.

If you are receiving e…