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How to Optimize Google Chrome with Flags

Google Chrome It is one of the most popular and fastest browsers on the web, unseating competitors as strong as Mozilla or even Internet Explorer (or Edge) among others. Anyway, due to updates it is possible that in some particular case your browser is a bit slow, so you can try to optimize google chrome with flags.

What are the flags of Google Chrome

Although it is not possible to modify the browser source codebeing closed source, we are offered various options to further customize our experience with small modifications that we can make through the application itself, they are called flags. Of course, keep in mind that many of them are experimental, so if you see that something fails, try to leave everything as it was before, since the peculiarity that they have is that they have not been tested in their beta version for the most part, for what could be the case that your team had a problem when executing them.

How to activate the flags in Google Chrome

  • To start you must go to the following address: chrome://flags/
  • You will see two tabs one that says «Available» (available) and another that says «unavailable» (not available).

  • If you browse the available tab you will see that you may have one already activated, if it is the case that you want to activate one in particular, you just have to click on «Default» and change it to «enabled«.
  • It will ask you to restart the browser (close it and reopen it) to apply the changes.
  • Since then this function will be activated and you can test if it works for you or, if not, restart everything as it was before by clicking on “Reset all» or simply switching back to the «enabled” a “default«.

5 best flags for Google Chrome

We present the flags that currently work and that will optimize your work with this browser.

Increase download speed

Called download parallelization, this Chrome flag will allow you to download a file faster thanks to its division into much smaller parts, speeding up its download. To do this follow this route:

  • chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading

Activate the QUIC protocol

This protocol has been active since 2013 but is still in an experimental phase, so if you want to make the most of your internet connection, we recommend that you activate it by typing:

  • chrome://flags/#enable-quic

Save forms in PDF

Especially useful if you want to save a backup of a form you have filled out. It will allow you to download it in PDF with your data covered.

  • chrome://flags/#pdf-form-save

Scroll smoothing for mouse

With this function the mouse scroll will be modified to make scrolling even lighter:

  • chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling

Remember that to use any of these flags, you will need to have Chrome updated to its latest versionotherwise they might not show up when you search for them.