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How to get the permanent license in Office 365

office 365 It always works to improve the content for its users, and what many demanded was the possibility to get a much cheaper license without resorting to piracy. Well, with the option of the Office 365 perpetual license the monthly installments are over, being a much cheaper single payment.

At the moment it is a mystery about when Microsoft will add this new version of Office 365 officially, while many products are already listed on the web, supposedly offering said subscription.

Risks of downloading third-party Office 365 perpetual licenses

These have options for up to 5 devices, although not without problems:

  • Normally they are licenses that are sold to a large number of usersso its low cost does not compensate for being unusable after a few weeks.
  • They do not offer guarantees in case of problems with our device.
  • They may be able to bring virus if the supplier is not trustworthy.

Buy Office 365 license with Microsoft

The easiest way is to do it through the official website, entering the Microsoft 365 section, which includes all the work tools. Go to any of these 3 options that we include below:

  • Click on «buy now» and then in «checkout» to get your Office 365 perpetual license. Unlike the monthly membership, by paying the amount indicated, you will have the program for life.

Using Office 365 with the free trial

It’s one of the safest ways to get a permanent Office 365 account. It depends on each country and to test it we proceed as follows:

  • We are going to this link official and we log in with our associated Microsoft account details.
  • We must put either a Active PayPal or a valid cardwhere they will not charge us until the end of the trial period.
  • Can be combined with a pack of office for business when the 30 days are going to end and we would have two months.

Office 365 permanent free for students or teachers

If you are included in the program of schools that have said agreement, you only have to include your email in this link

Upon entering you will have access to many Office tools, in addition to Teams to communicate with your classmates and teachers.

Office 365 permanent free for Android and iOS

Another option is to simply download an app on your mobile so that you can use the features of office 365 for free:

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‎Verbindung zum App Store wird hergestellt
developer: unknown
Price: Free

They will never ask us to pay anything, there is only an optional premium version if you want to use the app in devices over 10 inches of screen.

Permanent Office 365 for browsers

If you don’t mind using the program from the cloud without having to install it on your computer, you can opt for the online version. That yes, keep in mind that you will have a maximum storage of 5GB in addition to other limitations that you will barely notice.

To start using it, go to this link and sign in with your Microsoft account to get your permanent license in Office 365.