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What is the Microsoft phone in Spain

microsoft is a company founded in 1975 that specializes, among other things, in operating systems for personal computers and other computer applications, as well as selling its own computers for users and companies. With such a wide range of offers, it is quite common for some kind of problem to arise, although luckily they have an attentive customer service that we will show you how to contact through the Microsoft phone in Spain.

Microsoft Spain Phone

Like many international companies, Bill Gates’ company uses switchboards, so for contact MicrosoftYou will have to call one of them if you are a company:

  • Telephone Microsoft companies Spain : 902 197 198

Now, if you are a home user, it is much more practical to use the Microsoft website to get in touch with them, specifically, by going to this link.

There you will see a window like the one shown, if you click on log in with your Microsoft legal account, You can request technical assistance by email, chat, or even tell them to call you at a phone of your choice.

How to call Microsoft Spain for free

In case you prefer to be the one to make the call, or if, as before, you need to call to resolve a problem with Microsoft and your company, the ideal is that you call this toll-free number:

  • Telephone Microsoft Companies Spain: 91 754 70 10

You can also choose to call through a 900 line, which is free like 902-903:

  • Telephone 900 Microsoft Spain: 900 906 025

The good thing about this last number is that it is for home users, that is, you don’t have to be a company to contact them, and it doesn’t require additional charges, so the call will be free. Remember that customer service hours are from 9 am to 7 pm.

Contact Microsoft through the support center

Sometimes the lines are busy, but luckily you can try to contact them directly via the web form to try to speed up the procedures:

  1. See this direct link.
  2. they will make you one series of questionstry to select the most appropriate answers to your problem.
  3. If you are not able to come up with the solution, after a few questions he will offer you the possibility that a real person from the Microsoft customer support handle your issue.
  4. Select the way you prefer to be contacted (chat or phone), if it is by mobile they will tell you a time when they can call you.