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Add-ons and extensions for Hotmail (Outlook)

Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world and Microsoft knows it. As such, they have tried to make the email service as available as possible to as many people as possible. To get the most out of this interesting tool, we recommend installing some extensions in your browser. Here we will talk about some Useful plugins and extensions for Hotmail / Outlook and what are they for?

How to install plugins and extensions

To install extensions will depend a bit on your browser, for example:

  • Chrome: You must go to the chrome store and write the name of the plugin you need in «search in chrome» and hit «add to chrome«.
  • Mozilla: In this browser they are called addons and if you give control+shift+A or click on in the upper right corner and then on «Accessories» takes you directly to the store where you can install the extensions just like in the previous case.
  • Opera: As with Mozilla, it has its own store if you go to the icon next to configuration and press Extensions > Manage Extensions and look for the name of the plugin.

Hotmail / Outlook extensions for browser

There are not as many as one might expect, simply because many of the best useful extensions for Outlook go through AppSource. Even so, we name 3 that you can use.

Skype for

Also known as Skype Web Control, this browser extension is basically a version of Skype built into the browser that works from Now, you can chat with text messages with the people in your Hotmail / Outlook mail contact list through your web chat.


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Nevertheless, skype for outlook adds the ability to run voice and video chats directly from your browser. You’ll need to give your browser permission to access your microphone and camera, of course, but it works pretty well. Also It’s freewhich is a nice benefit.

This browser plugin works for Internet Explorer and Firefoxbut has limited compatibility with other browsers.

Todoist for Outlook


Todoist it requires a bit of configuration to set it up the way you want, and you may need more than one of its plugins for a full ecosystem. Have add-ins for Outlook 2010 or higherfor both desktop and mobile platforms as apps, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

It is basically a to-do list app organizer. By attaching this plugin to your Hotmail / Outlook emailyou can add any email you receive, meeting request, or other item to a to-do list right from your email.



Notifier is a browser extension for Opera and Firefox that adds a button to your toolbar to take you directly to your inbox. It also gives you a badge icon with a notification every time you receive a new email. You only need to log in once, it keeps the login alive and allows you to customize your notifications.

Hotmail / Outlook extensions on AppSource

To install one of these plugins and extensions in Hotmailyou must visit App Source. You should also make sure you have logged in in the correct account.

Weather Outlook

Extension-Weather Outlook

Starting with a more casual plugin, what this app does is really simple. Search your Outlook account for addresses published in an email email or meetings you have where a destination is specified. Then it checks the weather at that address from the national weather service and shows it to you in a side window.


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Though not the most useful plugin for Hotmail/Outlook, however it is a way of seeing that there are many different things that are made possible with the Microsoft AppSource store; and this is just one of the easiest options.



DocuSign is an application that helps you manage document authentication and signing no need to go through the hoops to print, sign and scan a document. You can send documents and request signatures, or you can sign documents and return them in seconds.

PayPal for Outlook

extension-PayPal for Outlook

This plugin gives you excellent functionality with Outlook and skype chat integrated: You can send money or request money through an invoice through PayPal, through this application, directly from your Hotmail / Outlook email.

Given the is linked to your Outlook accountassures you of correct emails slightly misspelled if you need to, and make financial transactions easier with email communications. Plus, the plugin is free to use, aside from PayPal’s usual fees for sending money, of course.

How to update and disable plugins

The easiest way to manage any Outlook add-in is simply by accessing the manager:

  • Enter the app outlook web and look for the gear icon settings icon up to the right.
  • Follow this path: Settings > App Settings > Mail
  • Now you will be able to configure Outlook add-ins, go to: Options > General > Manage add-ons.
  • Simply select or deselect the ones you want to enable or disable.