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How to Download Private Instagram Video

Instagram is a social network that has grown in popularity over the years. Today it offers the possibility of creating private accounts and uploading content only for your followers. If what you want is to know how to download private instagram videoyou should know that it is possible, although you will need to use external websites in some cases.

Download videos from private accounts without access to the videos

IMPORTANT: All those websites that promise Download videos from private accounts on Instagram are a scam, they will take you to a survey website that will only waste your time. If the owner of the private account has selected the option that only his followers can access his videos, you will have no choice but to request to follow.

Another different thing is to download the videos from a private account that does not allow sharing, which is what we are going to teach you here.

  1. Surely this message sounds familiar to you with the «human verification»
  2. What a gift you get another window similar to this one. How will the matter be that the antivirus blocks the pop-up window that appears when you click on any of the links.
  3. Therefore, do not enter this type of fraudulent websites as they could put a virus on your computer without you realizing it.

Download a private Instagram video from the browser

  1. Sign in to your instagram account as usual.
  2. Go to the private account you want to get the video from.
  3. When you click on the video, hit the three points and you will see a drop down window like this.
  4. Choose «copy link«.
  5. Go to a website like gramvio, or another of your choice. They all work the same, you just have to paste the link from before in the search engine and click on «to download«.
  6. When the video is ready you will get a preview and if you click on «to download» again, the download will start on your device.
  7. All videos are downloaded in mp4 format in great quality.
  8. If the above doesn’t work, try opening the video in a new tab by hitting the three dots and then clicking «go to publication«.
  9. With the video open in the new tab, right click and hit «View source code» or press check+u
  10. press control+f and look for «video_url» as we have put it.
  11. Copy the entire link to a new tab.
  12. change all the \u0026 for him symbol &they should appear 4-8 times.
  13. If you want to do it with many videos, I recommend that you open a Word and click on replace, write as we put you in the example and hit «replace all«.
  14. Copy the modified link and press enter or go if you are on mobile, and you will see that now the video opens.
  15. just press right button > save video how and you will have it on your device.