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How to recover a Skype account

Can’t access your Skype account? It is possible that when creating your account you have lost your access data, such as the username and password, and you cannot log in. Skype has a number of methods to recover an account, regardless of the device you use (Android/iOS/Windows/MacOS/Linux), and in this article we will explain them step by step.

Recover Skype account from Android / iOS

Recovering a Skype account from an Android or iOS device is quite easy, you just need to have the application installed. Here are the steps for a successful recovery of your account:

  1. Download and install the mobile application according to your device (if you already have it installed, skip this point):
  2. Opens the Skype app.
  3. Press the option for «Start or create account«.
  4. Click on “I have forgotten the username”.
  5. Enter the phone number of your mobile or the email linked your account (data that you will have entered register account for the first time).
  6. You will receive a security code via SMS or email, enter the verification code and press «Following«.
  7. Search in “Retrieve your username» Your login details will partially appear, as Skype hides them for security reasons.
  8. Clever! By now you will have remembered your data to log in.

Recover account via mobile browser

You can also recover the Skype account from the mobile browser of your device, although we always recommend the application method, this method can get you out of trouble, you will only need a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome. Here are the steps to recover an account from the browser:

  1. Access a
  2. press on Skype to display a menu and then press «My account«.
  3. Login screen: tap on “I have forgotten the username”.
  4. Account verification: they will send you a Verification code to your phone number or email linked to your account.
  5. Tea a security code will arrive to verify that you are the owner of the account and to be able to recover it.
  6. Enter the code verification button on the form, and it will show you a new screen with your data partially hidden.
  7. Log in with these data if you have managed to remember them.

Recover account from Windows/MacOS PC

Many Skype users are in the habit of log in from desktop computersAnd this is, in part, because Skype was created in 2003 when mobile applications did not yet exist. Faced with this situation, many people have forgotten their access data, such as their email, username and/or password, as they do not have to enter them regularly (on a PC the session starts automatically). Here are the steps to recover an account from a PC:

  1. Access a
  2. Press “Login”, located in the upper right and press “My account”.
  3. Click on the link «Login Options«.
  4. Press the option “I have forgotten the username”.
  5. ownership verification: enter the email or phone number to recover your access data. A security code will be sent to you via SMS (text message) or phone call, You can also choose to use email by clicking on the “Use email instead” link.
  6. You will receive a codeenter it and your partially hidden login details will appear.
  7. Remember them and try log in with them.

Recovering your Skype service account from a computer or mobile device is a simple task, but you should always have your phone number or an alternative email address available. Skype will need them to recover your account, so we recommend you fill in your contact information in the «Setting” from service.