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How to recover a Facebook account [GUÍA COMPLETA]

Can’t access your Facebook profile? Has it given you an error? In this case you will need recover account or profile to re-enter. Actually, the Difficulty logging in on Facebook are the order of the day, whether due to hacks, loss of password, email or phone number used to log into the account.

Luckily Facebook has a mechanism to help you recover your account quickly and efficiently, but of course, you must have this recovery option activated beforehand. Still, we will offer you several methods to try to recover your Facebook account and some tricks so that you never run out of it again.

Recover Facebook without having the access password

This is the first of the problems when entering Facebook. The password loss and can be fixed simply with a valid email. Follow the steps below to recover it:

  1. Accede to
  2. Enter your Email address and click on «Search«.
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  3. Choose the option «Send code by email» and click «Continue«.
  4. Check your mailbox, and look for a 6-digit code
    Facebook profile recovery screen
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  5. Enter the 6-digit code and click on «Continue«.
    Facebook profile recovery screen
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  6. Choose a new password (one you haven’t used before, try to include symbols or special characters) and click «Continue” to end.
  7. !! Congratulations!! You have already recovered your account and you can use it with your new password (don’t forget it).

Also, as an alternative option, you can sign in through Google if you have that account linked, saving you several steps. Do you know that we have a small guide to be able to login directly to facebook without password? Do not miss it!.

Recover Facebook without email

If you’ve lost or can’t remember the email you used, you can try to recover your Facebook account with your phone. Follow the next steps:

  1. Access this address:
  2. Write the phone number that you used to register and hit «Search«.
    Facebook profile recovery screen
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  3. Click on «Send code by SMS» and then in «Continue«.
    Facebook profile recovery screen
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  4. Write down the 6-digit code that you will receive via SMS from Facebook
  5. Enter the 6 digit code and press «Continue«.
    Facebook profile recovery screen
    Facebook account recovery screen.
  6. Click on «Continue» and proceed to create your new password.
  7. Click on the «Continue» to recover your account and log in with your new password.

If you have done everything correctly, you will be able to see your Facebook account and you will be able to enter only with your phone number.

Recover Facebook without email or phone number

In extreme cases, whether the number or email associated with your account does not exist or you do not have access to both, there is a way called trusted contacts. The only problem is that this is previously activated from Facebook in the option: «friends to contact in case you lose access to your account” in “Security and login«, so it is essential to have already configured it to be able to use it, otherwise you will not be able to access your account.

Recover your Facebook account with the help of friends

If you have the list of chosen friends configured to contact in case of loss, that’s great, it will be faster! Regain access to your Facebook account by following these steps:

  1. Enter this link
  2. Enter your email, username, full name, or phone number, then tap «Search«.
  3. Press the link «No longer have access?«.
  4. Enter an email or number that is active and hit «Continue«.
  5. Press the button “Reveal my trusted contacts» and put the name of all the friends or people to whom you would entrust the recovery of your account
  6. Copy the special linksend it to all those friends.
  7. Your friends will have to enter there and send you the code that will appear on the screen to start the session.
  8. Fill in the boxes with recovery codes that your friends have sent you.

And ready, you will be inside your account again thanks to the collaboration of your trusted friends.

Recover a hacked Facebook account

If a person enters your Facebook account without authorization, the website has a specific department in charge of dealing with these problems, so you will have to access through a special link to start the process.

  1. enter here
  2. Go to the option » my account is at risk«
  3. Enter the email associated with it and click «Search«.
  4. It will ask you to enter the last password you used, it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember all of it. He ends by pressing «Continue«.
  5. Press «protect my account» to change the password.

They could ask you for other types of data depending on your specific situation, so you should always provide truthful information so that everything goes quickly.

How to recover a deleted Facebook account

Either by mistake, or because you really wanted to close your account but now you regret it, regaining access is very simple:

  1. go to and log in with your usual data.
  2. Yes, still 90 days have not passedyou will be able to enter normally once you confirm that you really are the owner of said account.
  3. Otherwise, it will not be possible, although you can always create a new facebook account.

Remember that in Accounts and Sessions you will also find a complete guide to be able to delete your facebook account definitely if that is your intention.

How to recover my disabled Facebook account

In this case, you account has been deactivated for violating some of the Facebook Community Guidelinesamong them are:

  • SPAM in groups or on contact walls. It is considered spam if you send identical messages with little time frame. Consider spacing out your messages more, especially if you’re looking to promote your business.
  • Harass other Facebook users Continuously.
  • promote fake newsor create a fake account to divulge information.
  • Publish sensitive news of violenceterrorism or that, in general, may offend sensitivities.

In short, what happens is that if enough people report your Facebook account, the moderators of said social network will go through the news to finally disable your account on Facebook After several complaints.

If you think they have made a mistake in your case, you can go to this link to file your complaint and try to get your access back. You will need both Facebook user as your password to be able to follow the steps that will be indicated.

How to avoid losing your Facebook account

Losing a Facebook account is a lengthy and sometimes complex process to get back into your account or use any of the apps you sign in with. For added peace of mind, take a few basic security precautions so you never lose access to your Facebook account.

To start modifying your account security, you will need to go to and follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Valid primary email: Saying email must be active and accessible to you and be the one that you yourself have put. You can see it in the section «Contact«.
  • Add other email accounts and alternative phone numbers: In “Edit” > “Contact» > «Add another email address or phone number», you can put as many as you want so that you always have a larger one to verify your account if you lose your password.
  • Change the password often: Enter in «Security and login» > “Edit” > “Change Password”, modify it to prevent someone from guessing it if you always enter the same one.

  • Add trusted friends to recover your account: You have already seen that they are important. This can be done in “Additional security settings” > “Edit” > “Choose 3-5 friends to contact in case you lose access to your account” and put their names to help you regain access in case of loss.

With all these tips, we are sure that your Facebook account will be totally safe against thieves, absent-mindedness or any inconvenience that may arise.