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How to recover a Google account

lose your access Google account can be problematic, since said company is associated with other services such as YouTube, Google Docs, Google Maps or Google Play Store and even Gmail. luckily it is possible regain access to your google account simply remembering basic data such as the phone or email associated with the account.

Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry! We are going to leave you all the instructions step by step so that you can enter your account and enjoy the google services.

Recover a Google account without knowing the email

It is the most common method for recover a google account, as it happens when you forget the email address.; With this method you will not recover the password, you will only obtain the main email address, to later recover your password. Follow the steps below to find out the primary email associated with your Google account:

  1. Go into that will take you to sign in with google.
  2. Press “Forgot your email?”.
    Recover Google account screen.
  3. Enter your recovery number or a recovery email. In any case, you will receive either a link from Google to your email or an SMS to your mobile number to proceed to give you back access to your account. Finish by clicking on «Following«.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  4. Enter in “What’s your name?” your name and surname as they appear in that Google account, otherwise it could give you an error.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  5. A form will appear that says “Get a verification code. It provides additional information to facilitate the recovery process.” and if you hit «Send» the Verification process.
  6. You will receive the SMS from Google with something like “G-XXXXXX is the Google verification code.”, where “XXXXXX» is the number you will need to enter in the next step. If the SMS has not arrived, you can press “Resend it” to request a new verification code (remember to wait a few minutes, it usually always arrives).
  7. Enter the 6-digit identity verification code. Hit the “Next” button.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  8. A list of email addresses linked to that phone number will appear.
  9. Enter your account password and click “Next” (if you don’t remember your password, continue reading).
  10. Clever! You should now be able to access your Google account normally.

With this you can recover your access to the account whenever you have forgotten your email address. If you don’t remember the password eitherdon’t worry, we will guide you right away to recover the password and be able to enter your Google account.

Recover a Google account without knowing the password

Only if you know the main email address you want to access, you will be able to use this alternative. In case of not remember your passwordfollow the steps below to recover it:

  1. Enter in for sign in to google.
  2. Enter your email address and click “Next”.
  3. Click on “have you forgotten your password?“.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  4. Enter the last password you remember. If you don’t remember, you can hit “try another way” which will give you several options such as verifying by SMS or via a phone call.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  5. If you have a phone linked to your Google account, you can receive a call either receive an SMS. The SMS usually arrives within a few minutes, but if you want you can request a call, in both cases you will get a 6-digit code.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  6. Verify that the SMS has arrived either answer the call (In case you have several phone numbers, Google will show you the last 2 digits of the number, so you can know which one they will call or send the SMS to). In any case -call or SMS- you will get a code similar to «G-XXXXXX«, where «XXXXXX» will be the number that you must enter in the next step. If you have not received the SMS, click on «resend it«.
  7. Enter the 6-digit security code in the corresponding box and click on «Following«.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  8. By passing the validation of the security code, you will be able to change the password. Remember to use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and even symbols in your new password (if you’re short on memory, you can use a password manager like 1Password). Click on «Following” to end.
    Recover Google account screen
    Recover Google account screen.
  9. Congratulations! You just restored access to your Google account.

Recover an account with alternative email

  • If you have lost your number, you can choose to hit “I don’t have my phone” and respond to a series of questions to be able to confirm that you are the owner of that account and, in any case, you can use a Alternate email to receive your instructions on how to permanently recover your account.
  • You will receive a code that you must enter in order to change your google password.

Recover Google account with security question

  • In this case, you do not remember your password, nor do you have access to your first or alternative email, luckily if you have specified it when create your google account can you answer one Security Question to regain access.

  • The problem is that when older they will ask you about the date your Google account was createdboth the year and the month, so try to give an approximate date.
  • Once you enter it you can change your password and enter your Gmail and Google account.

Recover a deleted Google account

This is the most extreme case, where you regret deleting your account. The good thing is that it is reversible, although the sooner you do these steps, the better:

  1. start by going to this link To start the google recovery assistant.
  2. Since you were able to delete it, we assume that you can enter your email and passwordif not, you will need to try any of the above methods.
  3. After a series of questions, you should regain access to your account.

Basic tips to avoid losing your Google account

Losing a Google account or any service can be a complicated thing, since we usually make extensive use of different Google services and applications, and also store a lot of personal information. To avoid losing access to your Google account, follow our recommendations after account recovery is complete:

  • The password must be complicated but not impossible to remember. Do not choose dates that can be easily deducted or names of schools or children. If you decide to put a really complex password, use programs like LastPass, 1 Password or Google’s own, very useful to save access passwords to our different digital profiles.
  • Never share your passwords to outsiders since they could change your access data.
  • Always add additional methods to retrieve your data in and go to “Methods to verify your identity“ to add both a secondary email such as a recovery number, in addition to verifying your personal data (they must be real).

After doing all this, your account will have become impregnable, so you can enjoy Google services non-stop without worry.