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How to recover a POF account

POF is a dating website that has been running since 2003, and being as popular as Tinder or Badoo, it is normal that more and more users are registering and login to POFalthough some might experience problems Due to the password loss. However, there is the possibility of accessing the POF account again either from the computer or from the official application for both Android and iOS.

Recover POF account from PC

If you need to regain access to your POF account, you must submit some information through a form to receive the link that will help you regain access. The process is the following:

  1. Access the following web address:
  2. Next enter your email address.
  3. Click on the button «Send«.
  4. Check your email account: You will receive an email from POF with a title “Reset your password”
  5. Click on the link that appears in email received.
    Recover POF account screen.
  6. Update password access code by typing it twice so that it can be confirmed correctly.
    Recover POF account screen
    Recover POF account screen.
  7. Press the button “Update your password«.
  8. Clever! your account will have already been recovered.

At the end of this procedure, you will have regained access to your account and, in addition, your password will have been changeduse POF to the fullest!

Recover POF account from Android / iOS mobile

From the application available for Android and iOS, you can also access your POF profile again. Here are the steps to recover POF account from phone:


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Plenty of Fish for Android:

POF Dating site
POF Dating site
developer: unknown

Price: Free


Plenty of Fish for iOS:

‎Plenty of Fish Dating
‎Plenty of Fish Dating
developer: PlentyOfFish

Price: Free+


If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will again have access to your POF profile from your mobile phone, happy fishing!.

I do not receive the email, what do I do?

It is possible that when requesting access to your POF account you will not receive the email in which the access link appears for reset your account password. Here are the three possible reasons why the POF message with the verification link is not arriving:

  • The email is not linked to any profile: you can try entering another email account that you have active.
  • The POF profile you are trying to access no longer exists: Perhaps you have broken certain rules or because you have not carried out the verification of the phone number.
  • The verification email is in the SPAM or junk mail folder: for this you must access this folder and check if it is there.
  • deregistration: You may have canceled your POF account once and forgot about it.

We hope that this never happens, but if this is your case, we recommend create a new Plenty of Fish account and verify the data when creating it, avoid losing access and your contacts/mail history again!

Security recommendations to avoid losing your account again

When an account is not accessible, it is necessary to carry out a tedious process until it is recovered, with the loss of time that this implies. It is even possible that the access will not be recovered so that it is totally inaccessible, so some precautions should be taken so you never lose your POF account again. Then keep these tips in mind to avoid losing your account:

  • Choose an easy-to-memorize password or use a dedicated app to save your password and account details (last pass, 1Passwordetc).
  • Use an email account that you have active so as not to lose the option to recover the account.
  • Never share your access password.
  • It is convenient to periodically modify the access password in order to maintain the security of access to your profile.
  • Carry out the verification process through the phone number so that the account remains active.


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These recommendations will help you preserve your POF account by keeping access to all its functions without problems, take them and enjoy Plenty of Fish!