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How to recover a Yahoo mail account

It is possible that when trying sign in to Yahoo! you encounter a problem that prevents you from viewing the inbox to read the received emails. These inconveniences can arise due to forgetting the password or the email address that you used on this platform.

Yahoo! has a login wizard that will help you throughout the process so that you can access your account using data that helps verify your real identity. Since Accounts & Sessions we will guide you step by step to recover yahoo account and regain access to your mail. You will also have at your disposal some tips so that you do not lose access to your account again.

Clarification: You should know that it is essential, when recovering your Yahoo! account, to have previously provided an alternative phone number or email, otherwise recovery will be very difficult.

Regain access to a Yahoo!

Losing a Yahoo! It’s not a pretty thing, that’s why you’ll need to follow the procedure below to regain access. Here are the specific steps to regain access to your email account:

  1. go to login wizard in
  2. enter any of the following information that Yahoo! requests you (primary/recovery email address or mobile phone number) and press «Continue«.
  3. Ownership Verification:
    • Through SMS: you will receive a code that you must enter to continue, then you can restore access to your account by choosing a new password.
    • Through an email: you will receive a message with a link, press it to restore access to your account and change the password
  4. Yahoo account! recovered! You can now use the account normally

In the case of not having any of the required data, or if you do not have recovery alternatives, it will not be possible to recover access and it will be necessary create a new accountWe hope this is not your case!

How to recover an email from Yahoo! removed

Anything you delete in your Yahoo! is thrown in the trash before being completely deleted automatically, so you can try:

  1. Open the trash can on the left.
  2. Flag emails from Yahoo! What do you want to recover?
  3. Click above on «restore to inbox» to reappear in your tray.

recover yahoo account without phone number

When we do not have a telephone to recover by SMS or secondary email, we are left with the solution of the Secret Question:

  1. go to login to Yahoo! and click «Need help?«
  2. Continue with “I don’t remember my passworda” and enter the Yahoo email associated with your account.
  3. Of the 3 options that appear, choose the one that says «secret question password recovery«
  4. Answer the questions and if everything goes well you will have been able to enter your account.
  5. If you see that the option does not appear or you cannot enter, contact customer support yahoo!.

Tips for not losing a Yahoo!

Losing access to an account can be disconcerting, especially if it is an account that is used in the professional field or that contains information that is sensitive or relevant to us. So that this does not happen, it is convenient to follow some tips:

  • create a password not so hard to rememberbut safe enough (use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols). Remember change your yahoo mail password periodically to ensure your safety
  • Add a phone number of habitual use.
  • Add a alternate phone number from the security section of the Yahoo! account:
    1. Enter in and click on the “Phone numbers” option.
    2. Press “Add recovery phone number”.
    3. Enter a phone that will help you access the email account and recover it, if necessary.
  • Another alternative is to insert a recovery email address. To do this you must verify it through a link sent by Yahoo!.

With the help of these recommendations you will have guaranteed access to the Yahoo! account, remember to always add alternative contact methods, they will help you verify that you really are the owner. In the event that some other problem arises that prevents its recovery, you can always create a Yahoo email account different by following our simple guide. Good luck!.