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How to recover a Mega / account

Mega is a company dedicated to cloud storage that offers up to 50GB free, with the possibility of sharing all kinds of files with your family and friends easily. Its ease and direct download speed has made MEGA one of the benchmarks in the market, with many active users every day. Losing access to your account could be a problem, since to access your files and manage them you need to identify yourself.

Have you lost your access or password to MEGA? If this is your case and you cannot log in with your password, don’t worry, there are ways to account data recovery that we will explain to you in Accounts & Sessionsso you can use your MEGA account again, yes, for this you will need your “encryption key” or have the “open session”.

Recover a Mega account without the password

You will need the help of recovery key to access MEGA without having the password. Here are the steps to recover your account:

  1. go to or log in and press “have you forgotten your password?”.
  2. Enter your Email address that you used during Mega account registration.
  3. Press the green button “Yes, I have the recovery key” and then “Send«.
  4. You will receive an email by Mega with a link for you to enter your “recovery key” and you can regain access to your account.
  5. Write a new password when you have finished the above.
  6. Congratulations! luckily your account should have been successfully recovered.

Once the process of recovering the account using the recovery key is finished, you will be able to use the applications, extensions or programs and upload files to mega with total normality, you just have to remember that when you start the session you must use the new password chosen in the last step.

Recover a Mega account without email

Don’t remember the email used when creating the MEGA account? don’t worry, as long as you have the recovery key, you can recover the account. Here are the steps to start the recovery:

  1. go to or access and then press “have you forgotten your password?”.
  2. Press “Start» 2 times to skip this step, since you do not have the email.
  3. Press “Yes, I have the recovery key” and then “Send”.
  4. Enter an email that you use and have access to, tap “Send”.
  5. Check your inbox: MEGA will have sent you a message to your email account with a link for you to enter your recovery key and you can recover the account. Click on the link.
  6. Enter the recovery key: Choose a new password and enter an email address that you will always remember and to which you have access.
  7. Clever! your account has been recovered.

Now you should be able to access Mega from any device with the new data you have provided.

Recover a Mega account without the recovery key

This is the most serious case but where there is still some hope if you have not logged out of Mega on any device. We detail the instructions to follow depending on the device from which you have access:

  • Open session in web browser: try this path: “Menu” > “Your Account” > “Security” > “Enter your new password”, accept and save the changes.
  • Open session on Android: go to “Menu” > “Your account” > “Change password” > “Change password” with a different one and press “Change password”. Remember that to go to your profile you must click on your photo.
  • Open Session on iOS: slightly change the path “Menu” > “Settings” > “Security options” > “Change password” > “Change your password” and press “Save”.
  • Open session in MegaSync: in the taskbar where the date is, go to “Settings” > “Settings/Preferences” > “Your account” > “Change password” > “Put a new one” and click on “OK”.
  • Open session on Windows Phone: go to “Menu” > “Account” > “Change password” > “Your new password” and click “Done” to finish.

These methods are only useful if you have the MEGA session open on one of those devices/places, but if this is not your case, you will not be able to recover your account.

What do I do if I was logged out and I don’t have the recovery key? You can go to and try to create a new account under that same email, although losing everything you had uploaded. Once inside the link, follow all the instructions and go to “No, I don’t have any open session in MEGA”. In case you luckily recover your confirmation key before 60 daysyou can contact [email protected] so that from MEGA they try to give you access to your files with that new account that you have created.

How to recover a suspended Mega account?

When you violate some of the terms, your account can be blocked and both the files or links in the cloud are left without access. To recover your account you must:

  1. Sign in to Mega.
  2. Tap the M in the top left corner.
  3. go to Achievements > Get Bonuses. Choose the one of your preference.
    Once you have the bonus activated go back to and refresh the page.
  4. Now you will have more space and you can either delete the files that have resulted in the blocking, or send them to another account before deleting them.

Tips to avoid losing access to your Mega account

Losing access to your MEGA account is something that you can avoid quite easily. The most important thing is you security key Y passwordbut we summarize the most important:

  • recovery key: if you have forgotten to write down the password when creating your account, you can access it from By going to “Menu” > “Export recovery key” and “Download key”, you will download a file called “MEGA-RECOVERYKEY.txt«, you can use it in the future if you lose access to your account.
  • Password: in you may change your password Very easily. You should go to “Menu” > “Security” > “Change password” and there you can change the password as well as update your email. Always remember! use lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special symbols.

MEGA is safe! If you keep your recovery key in a safe place and change your password every 10 or 15 days, the security of your account will be absolute. Remember that you can always use 1Password to save your passwords.

In addition, we recommend that you never forget to log out of Mega if you access from a device that you do not own. This way you will keep all your data safe.