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What is “mega-recoverykey.txt”: how to recover a Mega account

Mega it is an excellent service in the cloud to save and download your files to any device, the problem is that, you need access to be able to use all its services, so you cannot recover your account in Mega could give you a lot of headaches.

to help you regain access to your data on Mega We are going to show you some effective methods so that you can log in to your account quickly.

Using the mega-recoverykey.txt file

With this txt file we can recover our mega accountsince it contains a kind of code that when we load it on the Mega website will allow us to access even if we have forgotten our password.

How to download mega-recoverykey.txt

  1. Sign in to your mega account from any device.
  2. Go to the top right corner, click on the three horizontal lines and choose “export recovery key”.
  3. Choose where to save the file called “mega-recoverykey.txt”.
  4. Unfortunately this method is only possible if you have been able to save this file before to lose your access to Mega.

Recover Mega account without password or email

Luckily from the website itself they allow us recover our password in Mega:

  1. Access the account recovery section from the Mega website and enter your email.
  2. If you do not remember the email, leave it blank and click twice on “Start”.
  3. Click on “If I have the recovery key” and then in “Send”.
  4. Enter an email to receive an email from Mega with a link so you can upload your recovery key from there.
  5. Enter your recovery key and after that you can review your access data and change both your password and the email associated with that account.

Recover a Mega account without a recovery key

In order to perform this step you will need a open session on any device associated with your Mega account. Let’s see how to proceed according to your device:

  • Browser: Once inside the account, go to Menu> Your account> Security> Type your new password and hit «confirm» to save the changes.
  • Android: Follow this path Menu > Your account (click on your profile picture) > Change password. Choose your new password and press «save«
  • iOS: You must go to Menu > Settings > Security options > Change password. At this point, you must enter your new password and press «Save«.
  • pc (mega sync): Look for the Mega icon on the taskbar right next to the time, press on it and go to Settings > Settings > Your account > Change password and write your new password, confirming the changes with «save«.
  • windows phone: In this case just go to Menu > Account > Change password > Type your new passworddo it, confirm and click on «Done» to save it.

How to avoid losing access to your Mega account

Now that you have seen how easy it is to recover your Mega account, we will show you some guidelines so that it does not happen to you again:

  • recovery key: You have already seen that the file mega-recoverykey.txt It is essential to recover your access, so we recommend that you keep it in a safe place and make a backup copy, for example, on a flash drive.
  • Change Password: If you do it regularly it is more difficult to forget, although browsers like Chrome they allow you to save them so you don’t need to write them down, it never hurts to write them down in a notepad after changing the password by going to Menu > Security > Change password

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