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How to permanently delete a Facebook group created by me

Creating and managing a facebook group it can turn out to be an interesting hobby for many people. However, there are cases where the creation of these spaces is a nuisance, an accident or something that is completely worthwhile. Therefore, this time you will learn how to delete a facebook group originated by your account.

Discover how to delete a Facebook group easily

Now for delete a facebook group easily you will only need to enter the account that you have used in the social network to create the group; this is possible through 2 different devices: computer or smartphone. Each one has its own steps, so it is recommended to follow them to the letter if you want to achieve the elimination of the group without difficulties.

Method via computer

To achieve it through the computer, it is only recommended to follow the step guide shown below:

  • Enter the Facebook social platform from the browser or the computer app.
  • In the taskbar located on the side of the screen, you will find the option «groups» select it to advance.

  • In section “Groups you manage» the name of the group you want to delete will be found, click on it to continue.

Select the Facebook group to delete

  • Select the 3 ellipsis icon (…) located below the “+ Invite” option.

delete a facebook group

  • In the list of options that will be presented to you, you must locate the one that bears the name «Delete Member«.
  • Now you must eliminate everyone from the group, and conclude by eliminating yourself last.

It should be noted that group admins will not have permissions to perform these actions, with the exception that the main creator has left the group. In that case, the other users who manage the group will be able to begin to eliminate the members and permanently disappear the Facebook group that previously existed.

Method via smartphone

Just like the previous method, to permanently delete a Facebook group from your phone, you need to follow a guide of appropriate steps for the task. Fortunately, this is just as simple and effective as the one mentioned above, and it will only vary in a few points.

  1. Enter the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the “menu” option represented by 3 lines and located at the top of your screen.
  3. Go to the “groups” option.
  4. Select the “Your groups” section
  5. Click on the group you want to delete.
  6. At the top of the screen you will see a group of 3 icons located in the right corner; select the one that is represented as a shield with a star in its center.
  7. You have entered the «Home page for administrators» at the end of the options is located the option “Delete group”.
  8. By pressing the delete option you will only have to confirm the decision to finish the process.

How to remove all posts from my facebook group

This is an alternative if you want to leave the group “on hold” without deleting it completely, but without publications, to do so:

  1. you see Profile > (click on the 3 dots) > Activity Register.
  2. Filter > Groups > Save Changes.
  3. Now you must go through all the content by clicking on the three points that appear and choosing Remove.

What happens after I delete a Facebook group created by me?

When the creator makes the decision to delete a group, the group and all content that was posted or shared through it permanently disappears from the view of those who participated within this space. Therefore, your group will not be visible in the search engines of other users, and the members that were part of it will no longer be able to access the notifications or the profile of the group. It is important to note that this process cannot be reversed, so in case of deleting a group you must be clear that there will be no going back.